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Answer the Call for Code by building global solutions for disaster preparedness. Commit to the cause. Push for change.

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To all developers: help to prepare for disasters – answer the Call for Code

Anyone who has been involved by a natural disaster recognizes the enormous urge to help the people affected. We know from our own experience how powerless you feel when your family or friends are in an affected area. The consequences of Hurricane Irma in Florida and the impact of Katrina in New Orleans were enough reason for us to take action. Personally and as an IBM employee. That’s why we support the Call for Code initiative.

Join our next meetup on IaaS, including VMware

Infrastructure as a Service provides a wide variety of services to meet dynamic business demands at top level performance. These services include network, compute, and storage offerings, but goes much further such as VMWare in the cloud. During this meetup, we will explain you how these services work and the associated benefits for you. Join us to get more technical insights and learn directly about how you can benefit from IBM Infrastructure as a Service services.

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Build your own chat bot in a snap, using Watson Assistent

Start your quantum computing career right here – A beginner’s guide to uncover the basic concepts

Watch the amazing story of blind distance runner powered by IBM Cloud:

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Powered by IBM Watson AI, KBC K’Ching speaks the language of youth. Find out how KBC designed a banking app for children, with the ability to answer users’ questions and even understanding emojis, slang and common abbreviations that kids use.

Learn how Bluebee speeds up clinical results with a cloud-based platform for genomics data analytics. Their offering accelerates genomics data processing for labs and genomic service providers with the use of IBM Cloud.

How do you build a fully operational humanoid robot in only eight weeks? Brussels Airport Company and IBM took on this challenge at the Hack Belgium 2017 innovation festival


KBC K’Ching chatbot uses IBM Watson for authentic conversational interface

KBC has built K’Ching, a financial app for young people. It’s with an open chatbot, so users can ask them anything. Quite a challenge as they had no reference because young people don’t go into bank branches, so the starting point was difficult. Read more on how KBC programmed the chat bot and even managed to include emoji’s.

No time restrictions! Take all the time you need with the IBM Lite Account

What if you had unlimited time to tap into a growing ecosystem of AI-infused services and runtimes to build your apps? And what if you could do it at no cost? That’s what you can do with an IBM® Cloud Lite account – a free account that never expires. Ever. Seriously. Find out more and sign up today.

Did you know there are many other ways to use conversations then just chatbots?

Chatbots are becoming more popular and already commonly used for customer service. But there are many other ways to use conversations. Right now companies are experimenting with conversations in other areas of the business such as marketing, sales and for internal training. In this blog we give you some examples and tools to start building one yourself.

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