Move big data and digital content globally at high speed with IBM Aspera

Use IBM Aspera next-generation transfer solutions to send, share and sync large files more securely, reliably and at maximum speed over global IP networks.

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Deliver large, business-critical files and data sets virtually anywhere with breakthrough transfer speed, reliability and scale

With IBM Aspera® solutions, customers can access Aspera's most advanced core technologies, features and capabilities in solutions tailored to many different needs and businesses of any size – from the small organisation to the global enterprise. This combination of our newest innovations with our leading file transfer technology creates solutions that virtually no other commercial enterprise solution can match.

Redefine the standards for high-speed data transfer with IBM Aspera

FASP® for maximum speed

Experience our patented transport technology that consistently ranks first in every WAN throughput test in which it is evaluated.

Direct-to-cloud storage

Move data to, from and between major cloud object storages with Aspera natively integrated for high performance.

Open, scalable architecture

Leverage virtually any cloud, hybrid or on-premises infrastructure and storage using multi-tenant SaaS and single-tenant architecture and autoscale capabilities.

Success stories

Sundance and Berlinale accelerate move to digital

Sundance and Berlinale, two of the world's premiere film festivals, use IBM Aspera solutions to transform their video distribution workflows.

Jabil empowers global users with faster access to engineering files

Jabil relies on the IBM Aspera high-speed person-to-person file transfer solution, running on IBM Cloud infrastructure, to enable global users to share large, high-value design and engineering files.

Rainmaker Entertainment speeds production, facilitates collaboration

Rainmaker Entertainment uses IBM Aspera high-speed data transfer solutions to accelerate its production and global collaboration on large media content for television and feature films.

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Discover more examples of success with IBM Aspera

Fast transfers improve research data accessibility for life sciences community

Gigascience facilitates research by transferring large data sets to and from its database in just hours rather than days.

BT Sport
Sports broadcasting company optimises disaster recovery with high-speed file transfer

BT Sport uses Aspera to quickly and reliably move up to tens of terabytes of content per day to sync with its disaster recovery site.

Afrostream speeds content workflow with faster media transfers

Afrostream gains high-speed global transfer of video-on-demand with an Aspera cloud-based infrastructure solution.

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