Application lifecycle

Collaborative, agile software development for delivery of high-quality solutions

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Application lifecycle management

Deliver higher-quality software solutions faster—at enterprise scale

IBM application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions bring business, development and quality assurance software development teams together to continuously adjust business goals based on customer feedback. By staying closely aligned throughout the software development lifecycle, development teams can deliver projects faster and with more customer value and higher quality.

ALM solutions from IBM are scalable, integrated, and built on an open software development platform that supports Lean and agile approaches, such as scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe is a proven, publically available framework from Scaled Agile, Inc., used to apply lean-agile principles and practices at enterprise scale.

ALM solutions from IBM can unify diverse software development teams, including those committed to keeping their current tools and those working with integrated cloud platforms, such as IBM Cloud®.

Launch quality web or mobile applications faster

Learn practical tips for delivering a high-quality web or mobile application into the market with greater speed.

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What IBM clients are saying

Eletrobas Furnas boosts development and reduces defects by 80 percent

The best thing about Rational Team Concert software is that we can now share the same information with everybody that is participating in the process. We could never do that before.

—Gisela Ribiero de Oliveira Lima, Software Quality Leader, Eletrobas Furnas

Synchrony Systems develops a mobile solution for BART in days (versus months) with IBM Cloud and DevOps

[To stand up the system,] instead of the typical six months … it took us 15 days, from concept to a running system.

—Slavik Zorin, CEO, Synchrony Systems

Learn how the right DevOps approach can reduce waste, increase productivity and speed delivery in your software development lifecycle


IBM DevOps: Lean and agile development

Learn more about SAFe and how scalable agile solutions can yield more effective business outcomes.


Read Agile For Dummies, 2nd IBM Limited Edition, the essential guide to agile development, now with SAFe.

Learn how agile helps increase the productivity of your software development teams, while helping produce higher-quality solutions that better meet customer needs.


“Seven ways to reduce waste and accelerate software delivery”

Explore best practices for identifying and eliminating waste in your software development—from handoffs and task switching to partially completed work and defects.


“Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Application Lifecycle Management Solution, 2016-17”

Focusing on enterprise IT, regulated environments and software-rich engineered product manufacturing, Ovum compares solutions from leading ALM vendors.


“Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Agile Project Management Solution, 2016-17”

Focusing on enterprise IT and regulated environments, Ovum compares solutions from leading agile project management vendors.


“Transforming How We Deliver Value: Agility at Scale”

IBM Executive IT Solution Specialist Amy Silberbauer shares her team’s experience in successfully adopting SAFe.


“SAFe with the Power of IBM DevOps”

SAFe is the market-leading process framework for scaling lean and agile across the enterprise, providing guidance and best practices to help organizations succeed.


“RTC SAFe Support - Migration Guidelines”

Step-by-step guidance for configuring a Rational Team Concert process to support SAFe.


“Vendor Landscape: Application Lifecycle Management”

Info-Tech Research Group’s 2015 report showing IBM has the largest product offering geared to the ALM market emphasizing DevOps and continuous engineering, with SaaS delivery.


IBM Cloud and DevOps services tutorials

Trials and tutorials with Node.js, Git, Java™, Eclipse and more to show you how to quickly build, deploy and optimize mobile and cloud applications.


Collaborative lifecycle management as a managed service

Replay the webcast to learn how you can reduce costs with pay-per-user managed services on SoftLayer®.


“Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world”

Learn how collaborative development enables teams to work together across tools to deliver quality software more quickly.


“Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world”

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“Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world”

On-demand webcast from TechBytes that addresses the five critical steps you can take that can help yield better business outcomes.


Leaner software development using DevOps

Inspired by lean principles, this TechBytes webcast focuses on ways to help you notice and remove waste in your process, while shortening the feedback loop.


“Seven ways to reduce waste and accelerate software delivery”

Thought leadership from IBM explores best practices for identifying and eliminating seven types of waste in the software development lifecycle.

Transform software development with ALM solutions from IBM


Test drive IBM Rational Team Concert in the cloud


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IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence technical overview

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