An online commerce portal for clients

YourProcure Summary

YourProcure enhances the Client's Buying Experience by automating and customizing the online ordering process.

YourProcure allows rapid deployment of client online shopping catalogs containing products and services with contractual pre-approved prices.

YourProcure is designed using the client's buying processes and preferences making it highly dynamic and tailored specifically for a unique customer buying experience

YourProcure Features and Benefits

YourProcure provides clients with the following benefits:

  • An online ordering portal that is provided at no additional charge to clients in support of contractually pre-approved pricing of products and services
  • Online self service 24/7 simple to use shopping cart ordering capabilities
  • Dynamically tailored product catalog fitted to client's ordering specifications
  • Manage a central repository of orders with online order history archives
  • Approval routing process available to eliminate maverick spending
  • Automated emails customized to client preference
  • Customizable, real-time reporting
  • Search and reporting available to filter orders by specific criteria
  • Export online reports directly into XLS spreadsheet

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