OMM Overview

IBM's Online Maintenance Management Portal (OMM) helps IBM customers protect their IT investments by providing an easy-to-use interface for preventing lapses in coverage, submitting and tracking change requests, and providing users with other tools to help them make sound decisions about their coverage strategy.

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OMM Features and Benefits

Proactive Alerts

OMM removes the complexity and burden of tracking the coverage expiration dates on your assets by doing the work for you. Whenever you have an asset that is approaching a warranty or contract end date, OMM will alert you via email about an upcoming lapse in coverage, so that you can sign in to the tool and determine what support options, if any, you will need from IBM in order to protect your investment.

Change Request Audit Reports

OMM saves you time by removing the need to keep track of change requests that you submit to IBM. As you interact with your portal - making decisions about which machines require service coverage, location moves, cancellations, etc. - OMM tracks your user requests in a central repository for reference purposes, so that you have a clear view of all the changes occurring in your environment.

Customizable Asset Labels and Simplified Work Flows

OMM utilizes a number of techniques to ensure that your interactions with IBM are easy and relevant to you. One example can be found in OMM's asset labeling and search engine. OMM users can use a number of methods for labeling and interacting with assets; such as by device nicknames, operating environment (production, test or development) or business units.