Secure online ordering

IBM's Cisco Ordering Tool is a secure, online, self-service application. This innovative Web solution can help you configure and validate Cisco devices, add support services, and view your entitled pricing.

Features and Benefits

Simplifies requests for pricing - using Cisco’s Configurator - CCW

  • 24x7 access to configure and validate Cisco devices

  • Entitled discounts applied in real time

  • View, share and manage configurations

  • Supports multinational IBM / Cisco contracts

Simplifies the Procurement Process

  • Procurement can access pricing information to save time

  • Quickly and easily order through a cart

  • Offers easy access to order status and carrier tracking information

  • Preloaded information saves time and eliminates potential errors: Bill to addresses, Ship to addresses, and Contact information

Central Repository - Improved Order Visibility and Audit Tracking

  • IBM's Cisco Ordering Tool maintains a history of orders placed (date submitted to IBM, configuration detail, price and more)

Manages the approval process

  • Ability to have requesters and approvers for orders

Drives Technical Standardization

  • Common configurations can be saved for repeat ordering that can be shared across teams

IBM and Cisco

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