What is B2B eProcurement?

B2B eProcurement is an internet enabled process where a Customer (or Buyer) uses an eProcurement solution to send an electronic Purchase Order to a Supplier.


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B2B Integration

A powerful channel for B2B integration

More and more IBM clients are taking advantage of IBM's ability to integrate with their eProcurement system. When you add IBM as an IT supplier in your system you can extend all the benefits of your eProcurement efforts to the IT category:

  • Convenient and efficient electronic ordering
  • Shorter requisition and fulfillment cycles
  • Centralized spending controls
  • Standardized global IT catalog

By establishing a B2B eProcurement connection with IBM, you can research IBM products and services, view entitled pricing and make purchases through a secure Web connection. IBM is compatible with leading eProcurement solutions and supplier networks such as Ariba, SAP and Oracle, or our specialists can also help create a customized solution for your needs.

Key Features

IBM's B2B eProcurement capabilities include:

  • Tailored product catalogs with multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Online product customization, so you can get the options you need with your IBM products
  • Preconfigured technology solutions that adhere to your company's standards
  • Automated order entry that speeds up the order process and reduces errors
  • Electronic order status and advance shipment notification that provides you the important information you need in real-time
  • Powerful electronic integration that can include electronic invoicing and electronic payments
  • Support for multiple payment options including purchase orders, leasing and procurement cards
  • Coverage in more than 160 countries
  • Connectivity with leading eProcurement solution providers and proprietary systems

Platforms and Industry Standards

Supported eProcurement platforms and industry standards include:


  • Ariba
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • eMarketplaces
  • Other

Transation protocols

  • cXML
  • xCBL
  • EDI
  • RosettaNet

Catalog formats

  • Local.cif Delimited text Spreadsheet
  • Punchout/Roundtrip cXML OCI

Your Benefits

Speed up your procurement processes and increase management and control over spending throughout your organization. This channel allows you to become more efficient by enabling you to research and purchase products and track orders around the clock and around the globe. And because IBM's B2B eProcurement integration is based on industry standards, it can work with the eProcurement processes you already have in place.

Specifically, IBM B2B eProcurement can help your organization or company achieve:

  • Faster cycle times: Electronic order processing speeds up the procurement process, so you get products faster
  • Convenient electronic ordering: With customized catalogs, you can get information about IBM products and place orders whenever you like
  • Centralized spending controls: Our electronic systems can help eliminate maverick spending and can help maintain compliance with your approval processes and IT standards
  • Lower costs and improved efficiency: When your staff spends less time on procurement, you can save money and increase productivity

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