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Configuration options

Per building block

System maximum

Processor cores

32 x 4.02 GHz POWER8
40 x 4.19 GHz POWER8

64 x 4.02 GHz POWER8
80 x 4.19 GHz POWER8




Level 2 (L2) cache per core

512 KB

Level 3 (L3) cache per core

8 MB eDRAM shared L3

Level 4 (L4) cache

Up to 128 MB eDRAM L4 (off-chip) per socket

Enterprise memory

Up to 4 TB of 1600 MHz DDR3
Up to 8 TB of 1600 MHz DDR4

Up to 8 TB of 1600 MHz DDR3
Up to 16 TB of 1600 MHz DDR4

Integrated PCIe adapter slots

8 PCIe Gen3 x16

16 PCIe Gen3 x16

Expansion features (optional – operating system dependencies)

DVD bay


Max PCIe Gen3 I/O Drawers (12 PCIe Gen3 slots each)



Max DASD/SSD I/O Drawers (24 SFF bays each)



Standard features

System control unit


Flexible Service Processors

Two in system control unit

IBM POWER Hypervisor™

LPAR, Dynamic LPAR; Virtual LAN (Memory to memory interpartition communication)

PowerVM Enterprise Edition (included)

Micro-partitioning (up to 20 micro-partitions per processor); Multiple Shared Processor Pools; Virtual I/ O Server; Shared Dedicated Capacity; Live Partition Mobility (LPM) and Active Memory Sharing* (AMS)

RAS features

Processor Instruction Retry
Alternate Processor Recovery
Selective dynamic firmware updates
Chipkill memory with DRAM sparing
Dynamic L2 and L3 cache column repair
Memory controller replay buffer
L4 bank delete
Dynamic inter-node bus repair
Redundant service processors with automatic failover
Redundant system clocks with dynamic failover
Redundant, hot swappable power supplies and cooling fans
Concurrent add/repair of I/O drawers
Hot- swappable disk bays in EXP24S
Hot-plug/blind-swap PCIe slots
Dynamic processor deallocation
Extended error handling on PCIe slots
Active Memory Mirroring for Hypervisor

Capacity on Demand features (optional)

Processor and/or Memory Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD)
Elastic Processor and/or Memory Capacity on Demand (CoD)
Trial Processor and/or Memory CoD
Utility CoD
Power Enterprise Pools

Operating systems

AIX, IBM i and Linux for Power

High availability

Power HA Editions

Power requirements

Operating voltage: 200 to 240 V ac

System dimensions

7 EIA (12U) space in a 19-inch rack

12 EIA (12U) space in a 19-inch rack


24x7, same day response for one year; on-site (varies by country). Warranty service upgrades and maintenance are available.

* Operating system support required

† See Facts and Features for specific supported operating system levels