How IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect works

Behavioral biometrics for real-time fraud detection

Trusteer Pinpoint Detect incorporates behavioral biometrics, patented analytics and machine learning for a real-time cognitive approach to fraud detection. Behavioral biometric capabilities use machine learning to help understand how users interact with banking websites, creating models based on patterns of mouse movements that can help differentiate real users from fraudsters.

Detects end user devices infected with malware

The IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect engine can correlate a wide range of critical fraud indicators—including phishing attacks, malware infections, compromised credentials and advanced evasion methods. It does this using enhanced device, geolocation and transactional modeling to help more accurately detect fraudulent activities.

Adaptable intelligence at work

IBM Trusteer adaptable technology uses cognitive fraud detection capabilities to rapidly uncover fraud, and is flexible enough to allow countermeasures to be automatically deployed.

Seamless customer experience

You can provide your customers with a seamless user experience during their online banking sessions while being protected by industry-leading fraud technologies.

Global threat intelligence service

IBM Trusteer has a dedicated security research team that continually analyzes data to uncover new threats. As the team discovers those new threats, protections against them are automatically added and deployed to provide immediate protection for your customers.

Customer protection from online threats

Identify access using compromised credentials and provide actionable recommendations to help detect and mitigate fraudulent activities.

Agile design speeds up response process

An agile architecture can help enable a highly flexible and fast response process. Using cloud-based technologies, IBM can help rapidly detect, analyze, build and deploy countermeasures for new and emerging threats. Financial institutions can also receive application-aware defenses specifically tailored to their needs and the threats they face. This capability can help further increase detection accuracy, and is designed to help reduce operational costs.

Uncovering new threats with cognitive fraud detection

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Technical details

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      Technical specifications

      There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud based solution. From an end-user perspective, recent versions of popular browsers and operating systems are fully supported. Please view the link for more information about Trusteer supported platforms.

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