Smarter Marketing with the Newest Version of IBM Campaign

The latest version of IBM Campaign brings many innovations to the sophisticated marketing team enabling you to work smarter and faster, and to keep your customers more engaged and loyal than ever. Marketers use IBM Campaign to maximize revenue and responses via personalized and optimized campaigns and offers. Increase results with powerful segmentation against the largest data sources and provide the right offers to the right contacts at the right time in the right channel. Boost ROI by optimizing contact communications and marketing spend. Choose to deploy fully to the cloud or on premise.
IBM Campaign

Improve engagement and ROI

Easily integrate with the rest of your marketing ecosystem to seamlessly execute personalized, offline and digital campaigns to take your customers on targeted journeys.

Work smarter and faster

With AI-powered Watson Assistant available with IBM Campaign, work smarter and drive to insights more quickly than ever. Save time, make better decisions and drive customer engagement.

Optimize ownership for your enterprise

Choose the deployment and ownership approach that works best for your organization. Deploy on premise or via subscription and fully to the cloud — managed and hosted.

Key Capabilities

  • AI-powered Watson Assistant
  • Sophisticated campaign management
  • Campaign measurement, reporting & interaction data analysis
  • Rapid campaign creation and reusable building blocks
  • Assistance to meet regulatory requirements
  • Easy-to-use flowchart interface
  • Integration with Watson Campaign Automation
  • Measure marketing activities
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Rapid upgrades

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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Sophisticated segmentation and omnichannel campaign execution
Sophisticated segmentation and omnichannel campaign execution
Campaign measurement and reporting
Campaign measurement and reporting
AI-powered Watson Assistant
AI-powered Watson Assistant
Watson Assistant sample skills and commands
Watson Assistant sample skills and commands

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