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Send files quickly using mobile networks

The IBM® Aspera® Fast Adaptive Secure Protocol (FASP®) high-speed transfer platform sends files quickly using mobile networks. It enables high-speed uploads of digital media to remote Aspera Shares or server nodes. Notifications of transfer status and transfer success are provided. Users can set the resolution of uploaded video captured from the device camera.

Operate Aspera FASP while performing other tasks

Transfers continue to run in the background during phone calls or while using other applications. It provides automatic restart and resume capabilities for interrupted mobile uploads when a user opens the Mobile Uploader app.

Upload and download through your mobile device

Aspera Mobile Uploader enables quick and easy identification of video and image files by displaying thumbnail images to help you upload the correct files. It allows direct access to the picture and video library and built-in camera. You can upload photos, videos and files directly from the mobile camera or media library. In addition, the app displays transfer progress and performance information.

Trusted security

Aspera FASP, in Aspera Mobile Uploader, uses built-in security for data transfers of video and other media. Security for data transfers uses the standard open-source OpenSSL toolkit. The OpenSSL cryptographic libraries and the standard secure shell (SSH) are unmodified. It uses user/endpoint authentication with Native File System Access and data encryption in transit and at rest with AES-128. There is data integrity verification with each transmitted block.

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