The IBM suite of managed mobility services can include:

Mobile device management for provisioning and control

Your core foundation service, mobile device management (MDM), supports products like IBM Fiberlink, Maas360, Air Watch, MobileIron and JAMF. Your IT department or third-party provider can provision and manage device platforms on iOS, OS X, Android, Google, BlackBerry and Windows operating systems. From one central location, IT can authorize devices, reset passwords, lock or wipe devices, and control user access through your set security policies.

Broad support for most user devices

Provision, manage and support the most popular smartphones, tablets, Mac computers, PCs and ruggedized devices. Mac PC users, Androids, Google fans, Windows devices and BlackBerry systems are all supported, and smartphones, tablets and ruggedized devices included. IBM subscription-based services are built around devices, usage and service options, offering you predictability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness no matter which paths your employees take.

Containerization for secure access and lower risk

Containerization protects corporate apps and data by segregating them into separate environments on each device. Your company security policies are applied to the work-segregated perimeter, requiring a corporate-strength password to access. Work data can’t be copied to the personal side of the device, and work email cannot be forwarded using a personal email account. When necessary, the work container can be remotely wiped while leaving personal data intact.

Custom app store for choice

Set up and manage a corporate mobile app store that allows you to recommend or block specific apps based on policies, user roles and group permissions. Push out apps and updates to all employees. Track app installation, usage, data storage and more, and quickly remove apps if an employee changes job or leaves the company.

Enterprise gateway for secure browsing

If you don’t require the advanced security of containerization, an enterprise gateway accessible through a single browser is available. You can extend this option further by restricting access from an employee device based on their particular role, group membership or unique requirements. Data going to and from the device is encrypted. Enable device lockout when a device is out of compliance with your security policy.

Security-rich content management available

Provide users secure access to content through your enterprise gateway from their mobile devices. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest on the device, and most common doc types are supported. Browser access is enabled by managing access from devices based on an employee’s needs or group membership. Access to content can be revoked when devices are not compliant to policy.

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