Feature spotlights

Meet service level agreements (SLAs)

Unload large volumes of data from Db2 with speed, accuracy, and minimal effort. Perform high-speed unloads from BLU tables, live databases or backup files.

Minimize production impact

Execute concurrently with production applications – maintaining system availability, but minimizing duration of impact to production performance. Reduce the risk of impacting online production by fitting more work (e.g. unloads, backups, migrations, re-partitioning) into tight or shrinking batch windows.

Improve regulatory compliance

Increase data protection by masking and safeguarding personally identifiable information, trade secrets and financial or other sensitive data during unload operation with IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ Data Masking Solution libraries.

Increase data availability, mitigate risks, reduce cost

Choose the precise data to move to a target destination by using filters and unloading subsets of data. Recover data from single table failures or accidental table drops by extracting tables from a backup image. Unload data from incremental, delta backups and backup images. Eliminate the need for intermediate storage for database migrations. Deliver the value of new hardware and software investments faster by speeding database migrations.