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IBM Cloud Event Management

Restore service and resolve operational incidents faster from the cloud
Starting at CHF 273.00 per month

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IBM Connections Cloud

Empower your team with the business collaboration tools they need
Starting at CHF 6.55 per authorized user per month

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IBM Watson Content Hub

Create content and publish it practically anywhere with an intuitive CMS
Starting at CHF 819.00 per month

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IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Build and solve optimization and constraint programming models
Starting at CHF 224.00 per authorized user

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IBM Cloud Application Performance Management

Help prevent outages by actively monitoring and analyzing performance
Starting at CHF 29.05 per month

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IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud

Build and evaluate optimization models in a collaborative environment
Starting at CHF 11.55 per hour

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IBM Master Data Management Express

Consolidate your customer data within minutes into a single view
Starting at CHF 1'092.00 per month

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IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

Buy server packages for a range of workloads with up to 60% savings

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