Feature spotlights

Speed deployment with an agile design and reusable elements

Quickly assemble and deliver dynamic, content-centric applications for your case workers. Use the integrated case designer to promote efficient solution creation without having to use complex external tools. Reuse existing Case Manager elements to quickly develop and deploy customized solutions across multiple business groups. Reusable templates simplify the ongoing management of your solutions by maintaining consistency from one business group to the next while meeting auditing requirements.

Generate new insights using content analytics

Provide the ability to harness the power of IBM Watson Content Analytics to uncover insights deeply hidden within your own unstructured data. These content analytics capabilities enable your case workers to discover patterns, link related content, and identify trends across cases. An intuitive visualization component provides a history of case elements. With this information, case managers can take proactive measures to improve performance, reallocate work or add supporting case information.

Deliver a consistent, seamless user experience

Leverage the IBM Content Navigator framework to provide a single, consistent and easy-to-use interface across a wide range of devices. The Content Navigator framework helps simplify integration of multiple IBM ECM solutions including IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager 8, IBM Content Manager OnDemand and other repositories that support the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard.

Streamline information lifecycle governance

Enhance your ability to meet and manage information lifecycle governance requirements including protecting your customer data and complying with data retention regulations. Case Manager can automatically declare records and manage them using full compliance rules through its integration with IBM Records Manager. Case Manager also enables you to monitor processes, track participation in processes and facilitates auditing to ensure and demonstrate compliance.

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