Keep your information up to date

The information filled out on the Membersite and Pearson VUE can effect the name on your certification, what e-mail receives your certificate, and much more. Keep your information up to date using the information below.

Name on your Certification

When registering for a test at a Pearson VUE centre they will use the name on your government ID. This information will be attached to your Candidate ID and will be the name that shows up on your IBM Certifications.

If you need to change the name on your account/certification you will need to contact the Certify Help Desk at

To ensure the security of your personal account, IBM requires that you provide a copy of legal documentation to validate your name change. Acceptable items of documentation must show the current name as well as the new name, such as a marriage license or a legal name change.

Please include your candidate ID, and state that this is a "Name Change Request". Email the documentation to Customer Support at In addition, you will need to make this same change at any testing vendor where you have an account. Your name is used in combination with your Candidate/Testing ID to validate to your test results prior to updating the IBM Certification DB. Test results that fail this validity check will not load into IBM's certification database.

Updating IBM ID Log In

If you no longer have access to the e-mail you previously used to access the Member Site please contact our IBM Certification Help Desk at to register a new IBM ID with your Candidate ID.

Updating your E-Mail

Your e-mail in your Member Site Profile is the e-mail that your Certifications and Badges will be sent to. To change your e-mail visit the Member Site

Updating your Home Address

If you choose to purchase a Premium Certification the address on your Member Site Profile will be used for shipping. Make sure your address information stays up to date. To change your address please visit the Member Site.

Merging Candidate IDs

When you log in to your Member Site you may not see your old certifications or your new certification. This can happen when you create a new account with Pearson VUE and a new Candidate ID is created. In order to see all of your certifications in one place you must merge your Candidate IDs.

Please go to the Certification Member Site to request a merge of multiple Candidate/Testing IDs to a single ID.

  1. Sign into the Certification Member Site
  2. Under "My Account" select "Merge IDs"
  3. You will find which ID(s) are currently associated with your profile and directions to merge Candidate/Testing IDs

For two Candidate IDs to be merged successfully, first and last names on both Candidate ID's must be identical. If you have any issues merging your Candidate IDs please contact our IBM Certification Help Desk at

Do note that the account you used to merge your IDs will now be your Primary ID Account. Any future IDs that must be merged will need to be merged from your Primary ID account.