Exam Preparation

Start with a review of the certification description. Then link to the required certification exam(s).

  • Study the overview and objectives.
  • Evaluate how closely your knowledge and skills are aligned information provided.
  • Review the exam preparation information.
  • Plan your studies
You may decide you are already prepared to take the required exam(s) based on previous education, experience, and/or your current job skills. However, to make the most of your expertise and testing experience, it is highly recommended you take advantage of these preparation resources.

Exam Objectives

The exam objective information describes the topics to be covered for each section of the exam. The objectives also indicate the emphasis placed on each topic by showing the percentage of the exam that is dedicated to the section. The actual objectives are listed as specific tasks & knowledge-areas included in each section. The exam questions are based on these objectives.

Sample Exams

Sample Exams are provided for some exams. These exams typically have only a few questions intended to acquaint you with the format of an exam and the type of questions that may be presented. The Answer Key for the sample questions is also provided. These Sample Exams are only for familiarity and are not designed to aid in assessing preparedness to sit for the exam.

Assessment Exams

Assessment Exams are designed to aid in assessing preparedness to sit for the exam. These exams simulate the actual certification exam. Based on your responses, the Assessment Exam will indicate potential areas you may want to study further before taking the certification exam.

  • is the same duration as the certification exam.
  • has the same number of questions.
  • questions are based on the same objective.
  • sections have the same percentage distribution of the exam content.
  • score report provides the same type of feedback regarding testing results with the percent correct and number of questions answered correctly by section.

A direct link to the testing website is provided for available Assessment Tests. As you prepare you may take the Assessment Exam as many time as you want to check your progress. (NOTE: To maintain the integrity of each assessment exam, answers are not provided.)

Recommended Training Resources

Suggested study options for each certification exam are listed on the Exam Preparation tab. These resources are identified for your consideration (as needed) to prepare for the exam. Review the offerings listed and chose those you think best suite your preparation needs. Examples of what you might find listed include, various courses (classroom and online), self-study materials, books, IBM reference manuals, product manuals, white papers, and more.