What is PartnerWorld?

IBM PartnerWorld is an IBM program that offers resources and benefits to help channel partners promote and sell IBM products and solutions.

Why Report your Skills to PartnerWorld?

Acquiring skills to identify and meet client requirements is essential in IT today - but validating those skills allows your customers to see up-front that you have the expertise to deliver what they need. IBM Professional Certifications validate that IBM Business Partners have developed the sales, installation and support skills needed to cope within an increasingly complex marketplace. Some IBM Certificates and Mastery Achievements count towards your company's PartnerWorld Profile, to qualify your company to participate in certainprograms.

PartnerWorld Program Benefits

  • Online training
  • Demo and development systems
  • IBM technical validations
  • Executive briefing centers
  • Third party discounts
  • PartnerWorld Contact Services (PWCS) support
  • IBM Business Partner Solution Hub
  • IBM Connections Cloud: demonstration accounts
  • Global Solution Directory
  • IBM Value Package
  • Software Access Option

Reporting Your Skill

When you pass an IBM certification or mastery test, your skills achievement may count towards your company's PartnerWorld membership level. And the higher the membership level, the more benefits your company will earn. Your skills can also qualify your company to participate in the Software Value Incentive (SVI) and earn fees from IBM for identifying and closing sales.

Do it Yourself

  1. Visit PartnerWorld and sign in with your PartnerWorld ID & password.
  2. Under your user Icon click on "Update your profile"
  3. Navigate to "Update your Personal Profile"
  4. Open your profile and select "Skills and certifications" and add your candidate ID number. IBM Professional Certification information is automatically transmitted to PPS from the certification testing vendor and IBM Professional Certification database.

Through your APA

  1. Contact your company's Authorized IBM Profile Administrator (APA)
  2. Have your Candidate Testing ID available to add to your profile
  3. Ask your APA to update the company profile