Certification check list

  1. Select Certification: On the Certification Tab select the applicable IBM business unit. Click on the certification you would like to achieve. (You may want to check-out a variety of certifications to find the best match for you and to identify additional certifications that may be of interest.)

  2. Confirm Job Role: A description of the job role is provided in the certification information. Review the job role and verify the certification is applicable for you.

  3. Determine Requirements: The certification requirements are included in the certification information. Identify the exam(s) required to achieve the certification. Select the exam link for specific details about the exam.

  4. Prepare for Exam: Information needed for testing is provided for each exam. Take time to carefully read the exam information. Utilize these resources as you Prepare for the exam.

  5. Register for Exam: Pearson VUE is the global exam delivery vendor for IBM Professional Certification. Before registration, you must create an account on the Pearson VUE website for IBM testing. To register for a exam, sign-in to your account and follow the prompts to schedule your exam. (Always specify your name as shown on a formal picture you can present when testing. This is also how your name will appear on your certification.)

  6. Take Exam: When you arrive at the testing location you will sign-in, present an approved picture ID, and secure your personal belongings. A proctor will seat you to take the exam. When you have completed the exam a score report will be displayed with your exam results, and your Pearson VUE will send your testing information to IBM for processing. (If you need to take the same exam an additional time, you will be required to adhere to the IBM Exam Retake Policy.

  7. Receive Certification: All certification requirements must be met before receiving a certification. When the requirements have been achieved, the certification is automatically awarded and a certificate is issued.

IBM Exam Retake Policy (applicable to all IBM exams except Assessment exams)

  1. After an individual has successfully passed an exam, the retake policy does not allow the same exam to be taken again.
  2. If an individual has not successfully completed an exam, it can be taken multiple times until passed. However, the exam taker is restricted to no more than two attempts within a 30-day period of time.

Obtaining your certificate

Once your certification is awarded, your certificate will be sent to you via e-mail (or you will be sent instructions on how to retrieve the certificate from the Certification Member Site, if this is the first certification for this candidate/testing ID).

Please ensure that we have your current e-mail address on file by keeping your profile up to date. You can manage this yourself by selecting "Address Information" from within the Certification Member Site.

You may be interested in ordering a premium certificate from our IBM Certification estore. Each premium hardcopy certificate displays your name and certification title, demonstrating your status as an IBM Certified Professional.

Note: For information about the function provided by the Certification Member Site, as well as instructions on how to register, please review About the Member Site.

Obtaining your certification marks

After you have achieved your first certification, you are invited to register on the IBM Certification Member Site. The IBM Member Site provides "Entitled Resources" which include your ability to download certification marks associated with your certifications.