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PartnerWorld eligible skills table

You have been introduced to the levels that can be achieved within the PartnerWorld program. Skills attainment is one of the areas through which you demonstrate competency toward the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.

The following table identifies all of the key skills, both Sales and Technical, across all key product and solution areas, for which a partner firm receives recognition toward the Silver, Gold or Platinum level attainment. The minimum skills requirement must be achieved using only IBM sales and technical skills.

How to read this table

The following text describes the meaning of the data in the columns of the table.

  • - Eligible Skills Name

    The name of the skill in this table entry. If it is hyperlinked, then the skill is described on the IBM Certification Program site, and it is currently available to be taken at a Pearson VUE test center. If it is not hyperlinked, then it is no longer available to be taken at a Pearson VUE center.

    Skills can also be recognized by earning selected IBM Open Badge Program badges.

  • - S/T

    The "S/T" column shows whether a named skill is a sales ("S") or technical ("T") skill.

  • - Status

    The "Status" column indicates three levels of status of the skill:

    • - New/Active (or Active) skills

      Shown with the "Eligible Skills Name" hyperlinked (to information about the skill on the IBM Certification Program site), this indicates that these are the newest skills, and are available to be taken at Pearson VUE test centers or via the IBM Open Badging Program

    • - Withdrawn skills

      Shown with no hyperlink on the name, these skills will qualify for PW skill points but are no longer available to be taken at a test center or the badge is no longer being offered.

    • - Expiring skills

      Shown with a date in the "Expiration Date" column, these skills are not available to take, and will no longer count for PW skill points effective on the date listed.

  • - Expiration Date

    If the Status column indicates Expiring, then this is the date on which the skill will no longer count for PartnerWorld. A bolded date signifies that the skills will expire within the next 90 days. Expired skills remain in the table for 60 days after their expiration date, with their date bolded.

  • - PW Skill Code

    The "PW Skill Code" consists of two parts, the Skill's root number ("cert #") and the skill's version counter ("Ver"). When you see multiple versions of a skill listed, you will note that their eight digit number in the "PW Skill Code" column have the same first six digits in common, but the last two digits differ — indicating that these are consecutively newer versions of that skill. It is good to remember this numbering convention as the PW Code is used to identify skills in PPS, and in other BP programs, to refer to the skills without using their names.

    PW Skill Codes beginning with the letter B are for skills earned by completing the requirements of the defined badge.

Additions to this table

Periodically, new skills will be added to this table e.g., badges and certifications for a newly announced product. Once added, they will immediately be used to determine your firm's competency achievement toward a new level. Occasionally, when a new badge or certification is added it may cause an older version of that skill to be removed from the list. If a skill is to be removed at any point, it will be kept in the table with an ""expiration date"" next to it indicating that it will no longer count toward the firm's Silver/Gold/Platinum level after that (expiration) date. This will give you a window (normally of at least 90 days) to recognize the fact and replace that skill with its newer version or with another eligible skill.

Updated on October 7, 2021

New feature to search the Eligible skills table

PW skill code search

Search for ParterWorld skill codes directly by using:

  • Full certification code
    Example: 50001102
  • Root number. Search for all skill versions of a certification.
    Example: 500011

Eligible skills table by Competency for Silver, Gold and Platinum level attainment
Eligible Skills Name S/T Status Expiration date Skill code Replaces

Updated on October 7, 2021