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In early November, your new credential experience will be available on IBM Training. The move will transform your credential experience by providing a seamless and integrated learning and credentialing experience to progress your skills journey.

  • Continue to access the IBM Credential program T's & C's and policies.
  • Manage and track your credential achievements and activities. My Learning combines your learning and credential profile history in one easy-to-manage account.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the IBM Certification Program?

This program enables you to demonstrate your proficiency in the latest IBM technology and solutions. We want to help establish that you have the capability to perform role-related tasks and activities at a specified level of competence. Your participation is beneficial if you wish to validate your skills, as well as for companies that wish to ensure certain performance levels for their employees.

Who is the target audience for IBM certification?

IBM Professional Certifications are associated with an individual, not a company or organization. The target audience for certification includes employees of Business Partner Firms, Customers, IBM internal employees, and Independent Consultants who sell, support, or service IBM products.

How are IBM Certification exams developed?

IBM certification exams ensures that the most important role-related knowledge and skills are tested. Exams creation is facilitated by professionals who specialize in test development and measurement. Subject matter experts experienced in the role are involved throughout the process. The steps of test development include:

  • Defining the role to be certified,
  • Identifying the specific content to be covered,
  • Developing test questions that map to important job tasks and activities associated with the role,
  • Assembling examination forms that cover the defined role,
  • Setting passing scores that ensure the proper level of performance.
  • What is the difference between an IBM Certification exam and an IBM Mastery exam?

    Certifications are designed to validate skills needed in a specific job-role.

    Mastery Skills help to assure an individual has achieved a foundation of knowledge and understanding of a subject matter. Mastery Skills supplement Certifications as a method used by IBM to evaluate knowledge of IBM Sales and Technical Professionals.

    What is the difference between a sample exam and an assessment exam?

    Sample Exams and Assessment Exams are available on the Test Preparation Page. A Sample Exam is a PDF document developed by the test owner to help you practice for your exam. An Assessment Exam is an online test that results in a score report to help you gauge your preparedness. Assessment exams can be booked through Pearson VUE.

    How do I learn about new IBM Certifications and Mastery Qualifications?

    To view newly added exams and certifications will be posted on the News and Announcements page.

    The technology I am interested in does not have an IBM Certification or Mastery Qualification?

    We strive to have the most up to date technologies available as exams. If a product you're interested in is not available in our library, let us know by emailing

    Why and how can I report my achievements in IBM PartnerWorld?

    A helpful guide to reporting your skills is available here.

    Taking an IBM Exam

    Where can I take a test? Where are test centers located?

    Some test are available online and others are available at a test center. You can find a test center close to you by using Pearson VUE's Test Center Search Tool.

    How do I register to take an IBM exam?

    You can take any IBM Exam on our test Vendor's site, Pearson VUE

    Are IBM exams available in multiple languages?

    You will find the available languages for each exam on their respective exam page. Please browse our available IBM Certification exams on our Exam Index and Mastery Skills on our Mastery Index.

    What are the testing policies around taking IBM exams?

    You can view IBM testing policies on our Policy Page

    What is a Candidate ID?

    Candidate IDs are assigned to you at the time of testing. They uniquely identify your testing information in our records.

    How do I find my Candidate ID?

    Your Candidate ID can be found on your Score Report or your Pearson Vue account or by contacting

    Are exams available at IBM Conferences?

    For all upcoming Conferences and Events that offer IBM Certification Exams, visit our News and Announcements page.

    How much does an exam cost?

    Prices vary between Certification exams and Mastery Skills. Exam pricing is listed when you register for an exam at Pearson VUE

    How do I access preparation materials for an exam?

    Exam preparation materials are available for you on the individual test pages. Please browse our available IBM Certification exams and IBM Mastery exams using our Exam Index.

    Where can I find general information regarding a test?

    You can view all requirements on the test page. Please browse our available exams on our Exam Index.

    If I fail, can I retake the exam?

    If a exam is not completed successfully on the first attempt, there is no waiting requirement before taking the exam a second time. However, you may not take the same exam more than twice within any 30 day period of time. The second attempt is not free, you must pay for it. For more info on retakes visit our Policy Page.

    If I take a test that for a certificate that I already have been awarded, will I get another Certificate?

    The first certificate continues to be valid. Once a certificate is awarded you can print the pdf with the original date.

    What is a Score Report and how do I get a copy of my Score Report?

    Score reports are issued after the completion of an exam and provided by the test vendor. If you did not receive a score report after completing your exam, they can be downloaded from our test vendor, Pearson VUE.

    Do all IBM Certification exams award an IBM Certificate?

    Not all exams result in a certificate. Review certificate requirements to see which exams you need to complete for achievement. Please browse our available IBM Certification exams on our Exam Index.

    How do I know the requirements for an IBM Certificate?

    You can view all requirements on the certification page. Please browse our available IBM Certifications on our Certification Index

    Do all IBM Certifications or IBM Mastery Qualifications award an IBM Digital Badge?

    Some IBM Certifications and IBM Mastery Qualifications award IBM Digital badges. If a badge is awarded, it is listed on the respective Certification or Mastery page. Please browse our available IBM Certification exams Index and IBM Mastery exams Index

    IBM Certification Member Site

    What is the IBM Certification Program Member Site?

    The IBM Professional Certification Member Site is a private site offered exclusively to the IBM Certification Community. Specialized features of the IBM Certification Member Site include a central location of services, special benefits, and information.

    Who can access the IBM Certification Program Member Site?

    IT Professionals who successfully achieve IBM certification have earned the recognition and affiliated access to the IBM Certification Member Site.

    How do I get a soft copy / PDF version of my achievements?

    Your certification can be downloaded via the IBM Certification Member Site.

    1. Sign in to the IBM Certification Member Site
    2. Select My Certificates in the Certificates and Exams drop down.
    3. Scroll to the certification and click on Download PDF

    How do I find my candidate ID?

    Your Candidate ID can be found on your Score Report or your Pearson VUE account or by contacting

    How do I change my personal information?

    Once logged into the IBM Certification Member Site you can access the "Change Profile Information" page under "My Account". For more information visit the Updating Your Pofile page.

    What should I do to receive my certificate?

    Upon completion of the certification requirements, you will be sent an e-mail regarding the IBM Certification Agreement. Upon acceptance of the terms, your certificate will be emailed to you in PDF format.

    How quickly should I expect to receive my certificate?

    Please allow 4 - 5 business days to receive your certificate by e-mail.

    What are IBM Certification Program Marks and how can they be used?

    Once you've completed all requirements for certification, the appropriate certification marks will be available on your Member Site Profile under the Promote Yourself menu.

    Marks are ideal for email signatures, business cards and resumes. The Certification Marks page can be accessed under Promote Yourself on the Certification Member Site.