Certification check list

We recognize the value of pursuing and earning certification. It provides a way to validate your skill and build confidence with employers and clients. Earning a certification is an investment that requires training, hands-on experience and foundational knowledge. With the changing speed of certain technologies, we have created a "path" to re-validate rapidly developing skills and maintain the value of your certification investment.

This "path" is Certification+. For fast changing technologies and solutions, we will have a base certification that will validate core skills. This base certification test becomes the pre-requisite for multiple certification+ tests, that will focus on new releases, features and advancements. The certification+ test will be a shorter focused test that will allow you to demonstrate and be recognized for your ongoing learning and commitment. Over time, multiple certification+ tests can exist for a base certification. To maintain the value of your base certificate, you will need to earn the latest certification+.

Launching in 2019

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What technologies are being selected for Certification+ and how is that decided?
    Any technology or solution are that is rapidly changing may have a Certification+.
  2. How often will Certification+ be released?
    Certification+ tests will be released when there is sufficient change in the area of the base certification area that IBM recommends additional training.
  3. How can I showcase my Certification+?
    As with the base certification, you will be issued a badge that you can post on social media, you will be able to download a pdf certificate or optionally may order a premium certificate from the
  4. How does a Certification+ test compare to an IBM Certification test?
    IBM Certification+ tests will have approximately 20 questions. The base certification test will have approximately 60 questions.
  5. Do you provide training materials to prepare for a Certification+?
    Training is an integral part of the Certification+ exams. These exams will always have training to help prepare you for the exam as well as sample questions.
  6. Where can I find a listing of available Certification+ and related IBM Certificates?
    The list of available tests and certificates can be found at www.ibm.com/certify