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SatSure Ltd.

Quick thinking and big data guide rescue efforts during a natural disaster

When unusually heavy rain threatened to flood the state of Kerala in southwest India, SatSure and The Weather Company®, an IBM Business, fast-tracked a solution. They merged highly granular weather data with satellite, geographic, census and communications data, and then developed heatmaps that helped direct rescue efforts throughout the region.

Eisenhower Health

Lean methods morph a surgical services team into a market force

With the help of IBM® Watson Health™ Simpler Lean processes, Eisenhower engaged staff to be more efficient, to optimize skillsets and to become leaders by embracing problem-solving tools. The hospital reduced overall waste, increased operating room (OR) capacity and created a plan for a new, state-of-the-art surgical suite, significantly improving patient care and safety.

Newlight Technologies, Inc.

Turning greenhouse gas into a resource with blockchain-backed technology

Newlight has developed a technology that uses greenhouse gas to produce high-performance biomaterials. In partnership with IBM Business Partner Cognition Foundry, Newlight harnessed blockchain technology to ensure that every step in its process and its overall environmental impact can be independently tracked, audited, and communicated to consumers.

King Living Pty. Ltd.

Make the right call with the right data

Working with IBM Business Partner Octane Software Solutions, King Living launched a centralized reporting platform using IBM software. The new solution streamlines reporting efforts and empowers key decision-makers with real-time visibility into global ERP data to deliver more informed recommendations.


Making pharmacists’ lives easier through AI

To drive sales, specialist pharmaceuticals distributor Pharmaoverseas wanted to offer new products and personalized promotions to pharmacists. By moving to SAP S/4HANA® applications powered by IBM® Power Systems™ and IBM Storage, the company is enabling a breakout growth strategy delivered by AI, conversation chatbots and operational excellence.

KB Kookmin Bank

Transforming into a Digital Enterprise

KB Kookmin Bank embarks on an enterprise-wide Digital Transformation to be the digital bank of choice for its customers

Century Cement and Cateina Technologies

Cateina Technologies helps Century Cement implement a game-changing Hybrid Cloud Integration solution

Integration and architecture experts describe how Cateina has helped Century Cement to set up a hybrid cloud integration infrastructure that connects legacy systems among their multiple factories across the country. This has provided the basis for innovative API solutions that are increasing their productivity and competitiveness.

Beverage Distribution Center Inc. (BDCI Inc.)

Digitally transforming invoices with the IBM Digital Business Automation Platform on Cloud

IBM Digital Business Automation Platform products helps alleviate a paper trail that was becoming too burdensome. It helped them create workflow enabling people approving invoices do so electronically as opposed to having to circulate invoices across seven states.

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