Analyzing big data requires a powerful, scalable platform. With Linux on IBM Power Systems, our ZSmart customers gain the performance and capacity to analyze a rapidly growing volume and variety of data while controlling costs.

Yang Bo, Global Marketing Unit, ZTEsoft

Business Challenge story

Expanding into new regions The ZTEsoft ZSmart CEMS can help companies optimize customer interactions and increase customer loyalty. It tracks and analyzes numerous interactions between customers and companies, including purchases, customer service requests, call-center interactions, social media exchanges and more. By analyzing this large volume and variety of customer data, drawn from real-time, online sources as well as third-party organizations, ZSmart CEMS enables companies to better understand customer behavior, identify trends and ultimately improve the customer experience. While the ZSmart solution has a strong customer base in China, ZTEsoft wants to expand to new geographical markets. “Our goal is to reach new customers in Europe and elsewhere,” says Yang Bo, a member of the Global Marketing Unit at ZTEsoft. “Partnering with IBM can bolster confidence in our solution, while also providing new platform options for potential customers.” In the past, ZSmart has run in Linux environments exclusively on x86 systems. But the ZTEsoft team was willing to consider alternative platforms. “We need a platform that can deliver the performance and capacity for analyzing big data,” says Bo. “In addition, it must provide the stability and reliability for the CEMS solution—all without increasing costs.”


Delivering performance and reliability with Linux on IBM Power Systems At the IBM Client Center in Montpellier, France, ZTEsoft and IBM conducted benchmark testing for the ZSmart CEMS solution running on Power Systems. The team evaluated ZSmart with a Linux operating system, an SAP Sybase database and IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop on Power Systems compared with a similar software stack on an x86 server. Testing confirmed that ZSmart can run stably with Linux on Power Systems. Compared with the x86 test environment, the Power Systems environment also provided greater capacity—demonstrating its ability to support the tremendous volume of data that the CEMS might need to analyze without requiring a large-scale infrastructure. Importantly, the tests also showed that Power Systems could deliver significantly better performance running ZSmart than the x86 server. “Running ZSmart with Linux on IBM Power Systems delivers exceptional performance for analyzing big data plus the reliability our customers need for this mission-critical application,” says Bo. “Given that the total cost of owning a Power Systems server is comparable to an x86 server, the IBM solution offers a strong value proposition.”


By offering ZSmart on Power Systems, ZTEsoft can open doors to new markets and attract more customers looking to optimize the performance and reliability of the CEMS solution while controlling costs.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • BigInsights
    • IBM Power Systems running Linux - Red Hat
    • STG Lab Services: Power (Linux)