We are working closely with IBM to incorporate Watson to gain meaningful data out of whatever we get from the vital signs.

Balagopal Ramdurai, Vice President, Products and Innovation, ZSL Inc.

Business Challenge

Most healthcare firms have collected volumes of data from varied sources. The tedious process of nurses having to enter patients’ vital signs into medical charts and electronic health record (EHR) systems manually is slow and error prone. And because the data is current only when it is entered, it isn’t useful for doctors who need real-time data to understand a patient’s condition.


ZSL observed two trends that are transforming healthcare today: data analytics and connected health.

ZSL helped healthcare firms with data integration, transmission, security and analysis to make sense of it. Connected health arises from the transformation occurring across the healthcare technology stack. The IBM Cloud helps ensure our solution’s scalability, and IBM security solutions assist in protecting patients’ information.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson
  • Security Solutions
  • IBM Cloud