Business challenge

With demand for its services skyrocketing, rising workload threatened to overwhelm staff at this elder care organization. How could it help teams focus on care delivery, and not paper pushing?


The organization streamlined the capture of key electronic medical record data, using content management solutions from IBM and enChoice, helping it get back on top of growing document volumes.



reduction in time taken to process documents


data accuracy reduces re-work and ensures teams are using correct information

Frees up staff

to focus on providing care, boosting service quality

Business challenge story

Fighting a rising tide of information

Advances in science and socio-economic conditions mean that people are living longer—making the role of senior care and support more important than ever. As this elder care organization expanded the scope of its services and the number of people it supported, it found that existing systems and processes were starting to show increasing signs of strain.

A spokesperson at the organization takes up the story: “Skilled nursing services form a key part of our offering, and with that comes a huge amount of information that we must manage, especially electronic medical record [EMR] data. In our skilled nursing facilities alone, we capture over two million EMR-related documents every year.

“We already had a system in place for capturing all this content, and while it had served us well in the past, it just wasn’t able to cope with the workload that we were experiencing. As a result, our health information management directors were having to devote more and more of their day to processing documents—time that could be better spent providing care. We wanted to make document capture faster and more efficient, so that we could free up more resources to focus on delivering care to our growing resident base.”

IBM and enChoice solutions help us support seniors in their well-being no matter where their journey of growing older takes them.

Spokesperson, Elder Care Organization

Transformation story

Upgrading to best-in-class document capture and management

A long-time user of IBM® Enterprise Content Management solutions, the organization decided to take document capture to the next level with solutions that include: IBM FileNet® Content Collector, IBM FileNet Content Manager and enChoice KwikWork Integrator.

The spokesperson explains: “IBM was our first choice because they are a leader in the content management space. We felt confident that IBM FileNet solutions and enChoice KwikWork Integrator offered the power and scalability that we needed to stay on top of our growing document volumes.”

Today, the organization captures scanned document images using IBM FileNet Content Collector and imports them into its central IBM FileNet Content Manager repository, where they are classified and stored.

To ensure completely seamless content management from initial document capture to storage, the organization uses the enChoice KwikWork Integrator together with IBM Content Navigator to integrate FileNet Content Manager with their line-of-business applications.

“We needed to get the new document capture solution in as fast as possible to minimize disruption to our staff and residents,” recalls the spokesperson. “enChoice KwikWork gave us a quick and easy way to integrate external data sources with FileNet Content Manager, without having to invest a lot of resources in custom development.

“enChoice has been really great to work with. They know what they are doing, and the team worked very closely with us to enhance the KwikWork solution to fit our use case, and get everything installed properly and within our tight deadline. I couldn’t be more happy having enChoice as a partner to our organization.”

In addition, the organization has chosen IBM Case Manager to serve as its strategic case management solution for EMR data. Specifically, the organization takes advantage of the IBM solution to manage medical record reviews required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The spokesperson explains: “As many of our patients are covered by Medicare and Medicaid, we bill a number of our services to the CMS, which often sends out audit requests to ensure our billing is correct. In the past, we managed these audits manually—everything was kept in a spreadsheet and it was very difficult for our team to make sure we were keeping a tight handle on the information.

“Introducing IBM Case Manager has put us in a much stronger position for responding to CMS audit requests. Everything is now managed from a single point of control and teams can bring up each audit case and all the relevant data at the touch of a button. As a result, we can respond to audit requests much faster, and with complete confidence that we have all the necessary information—reducing time and effort for teams, and the risk of non-compliance.”

Results story

Freeing teams to focus on care delivery

The new approach to content management is delivering positive results for the organization, bringing greater efficiency and accuracy to document capture and processing.

“We’ve measured a 30 percent decrease in the amount of time taken to process EMR documentation with our new capture process,” notes the spokesperson. “What’s more, users feel that performance is even better than that. Many people have reported that document capture seems twice as fast as before, with some saying that they can now get more done in a few hours than they were previously able to do in an entire week.

“Accuracy rates have also improved because the capture process is much more straightforward and streamlined. This cuts down on the amount of rework that staff have to perform, and gives us confidence that the EMR content we work with is correct.”

Crucially, with health information management teams freed from cumbersome and time-consuming document processing work, they can focus on delivering an exceptional care experience for the many thousands of people that the organization serves.

The spokesperson concludes: “In the past, staff performing document capture often had to put in overtime just to keep up with the sheer volume of content coming in. With more efficient content management, we have significantly cut down on overtime—resulting in a better work-life balance for employees and lower costs for our organization.

“And most importantly, IBM and enChoice solutions have allowed us to release precious time for our teams to focus on care delivery, helping us support seniors in their well-being no matter where their journey of growing older takes them."

About Elder care organization

This non-profit organization is dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of senior citizens across the United States. The organization provides senior housing, healthcare services, advice and support to tens of thousands of people.

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