Business challenge

Luxury retail is about selling great products and providing amazing service. With customer demands constantly evolving, how can YNAP provide an even more luxurious experience?


YNAP is creating a single customer-view to better understand customer demands, and a single control-point for global distribution so it can get products to them faster.



customers with highly personalized shopping experiences and targeted offers


order management gets goods to customers when and where they want, fast


luxury shopping journey keeps customers happy and coming back for more

Business challenge story

Shaking up online shopping

Imagine you’re at the airport, waiting for a flight, scrolling through an online shop on your phone to pass the time. That’s when you see it: the Coat. It would be the perfect thing to wear to that event you’re attending tonight in New York and you need it, now.

Once upon a time, this is where your shopping journey would end. Most retailers simply wouldn’t be able to pick up an order from a customer in London and deliver it, same day, to a hotel in New York. Luckily for you, YNAP is changing that.

Alex Alexander, CIO of YNAP, elaborates: “Our customers are constantly on the move and their demands quickly evolve as new technologies become available. We need to give them a shopping experience that is not only quick and easy, but highly personalized as well. Our customers need the flexibility to shop whenever and wherever they want, on any device. We must also support their preferred payment and delivery options, all while providing offers and recommendations that are finely tuned to their preferences and locations.”

With business booming, YNAP wanted to ensure that it could meet increasing and changing demands, and continue to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, wherever they are in the world. This prompted the Group to radically overhaul its approach to customer interaction and order fulfillment.

“On the order fulfillment side, we wanted to enhance our omni-channel capabilities and drive greater integration across our distribution network,” says Alexander. “This enables us to make better use of our global distribution centers to ship orders as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, in a way that meets customers’ preferred delivery options.

“At the same time, we know that getting delivery right is just one important part of a bigger picture when it comes to online shopping. This is why we also wanted to improve customer insight, using cognitive capabilities to gain a better understanding of customers, their purchasing habits and preferences. This allows us to shape more relevant recommendations, offers and promotions that build loyalty and encourage our customers to buy.”

With better insight into our customers, we can deliver a best-in-class luxury retail experience that exceeds expectations every time.


Transformation story

Bringing a global business closer together

To turn its vision for a faster, more connected retail experience into reality, YNAP has embarked on a ground-breaking partnership with IBM. The Group is bringing all of its online stores together on a shared technology platform—creating a single customer-view across all touchpoints and a single point of control for worldwide retail and distribution operations.

A new order management system will enhance YNAP’s omni-channel capability, allowing for seamless inventory integration between YNAP and its brands’ distribution centers and retail network. Intelligent sourcing capabilities will allow the Group to make more efficient use of its combined global scale, offering customers anywhere in the world access to one global virtual inventory—giving them greater choice and increasing sales opportunities for YNAP.

“We serve customers in more than 180 countries, and having tight control over inventory and distribution is key to ensuring that orders are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible, in the way that customers want,” notes Alexander. “For instance, a customer might be travelling internationally to attend an event, and will purchase an outfit to be delivered to their hotel so they can wear it that night. In cases like this, it’s absolutely critical that the order arrives on time, at the right place.

“With our new order management system, we will be able to instantly identify the best location from which to source and ship an order, so that it can be delivered to the customer quickly and via their preferred method—whether this is pick-up in store or from a drop-off point, or home delivery.”

YNAP will also take advantage of precision marketing and merchandising tools, combined with powerful analytics software, to create distinctive, personalized customer and brand experiences for all of its online storefronts, across all digital touchpoints.

“We want to meet every shopper’s unique needs by giving them a completely personalized experience”, says Alexander. “To do this, we are building a 360-degree view of every customer based on their interactions across multiple touchpoints, and using the insight to share the most appealing messages on the best channel at the right time.

“We are very interested in context-aware data, which will allow us to make even more nuanced offers to customers based on their location and real-world conditions at any given moment. For example, if a customer who normally lives in the UK is visiting Australia at Christmas, we would know from contextual data that this isn’t the right moment to send them a message about outerwear, but we could reach out to them with a promotion for swimwear instead. It’s this finer level of insight that will help our brands prove that they truly understand customers, helping build the trust and loyalty key to keeping shoppers coming back for more.”

Results story

Giving customers what they want

YNAP’s new approach will help it to reshape the luxury shopping journey, providing an unparalleled experience by serving customers with compelling content across every channel and putting orders in their hands faster than ever before.

Alexander explains: “Our business is built on knowing our customers inside-out. Only then can we anticipate their needs and give them exactly what they want, when and where they want it. With better insight into how our customers interact with our brands, how and when they like to shop, where they are shopping from and where they are going, we can be sure to deliver a best-in-class luxury retail experience that exceeds expectations at every step in the buying journey.”

He continues: “We will be perfectly positioned to engage shoppers with truly personalized experiences, based on their unique style and shopping preferences, and delivered across any device or channel. What’s more, better visibility and control of our global inventory will allow us to move products closer to customers and provide more flexible fulfilment options, allowing even more shoppers to take advantage of same- and next-day delivery, as well as convenient store and drop-off point pickup.”

Establishing a robust and scalable e-commerce platform for all Group stores will give YNAP the foundation it needs to take its business to even greater heights.

Alexander concludes: “YNAP is the largest online luxury fashion retailer in the world and we have strong growth plans for the years ahead. Continuing to invest in the very best talent and technology is key to sustaining productive and profitable growth, and will help us stay one step ahead as both fashion and consumer habits evolve.”

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YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP (YNAP), the world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer, was formed from the October 2015 merger of YOOX GROUP and THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP. YNAP operates four multi-brand online stores—NET-A-PORTER, MR PORTER, YOOX and THE OUTNET—as well as over 40 Online Flagship Stores for leading fashion and luxury brands.

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