IBM Sterling B2B Integrator is our lifeline. Without it, we wouldn’t have efficient communications between us and our customers and vendors.

Sameer Afsar, Vice President of Enterprise Applications, Old World Industries, LLC,

Business Challenge story

Old World Industries’ business depends on electronic data interchange (EDI) for seamless interactions with its customers and vendors—but onboarding new trading partners demanded time-consuming manual processes. The company set out to find an alternative that would enable it to start working with new partners faster, without increasing the strain on its lean EDI team.


The company worked with IBM Silver Business Partner Shree Consulting Inc. to shape a standardized, centralized approach to EDI using IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. By enabling greater automation and flexibility, Old World Industries can manage growing numbers of transactions, reduce manual administration requirements, and simplify and accelerate the onboarding process for new customers and vendors.


Old World Industries can now respond to requests from new and existing customers with greater speed and agility, helping it deliver seamless experiences that differentiate it from its competitors. By embracing an automated approach to B2B integration, Old World Industries can enhance EDI service quality even as it brings new trading partners into the fold—enabling it to grow its business without increasing headcount in the EDI team.

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