That’s why we partner with all kinds of different Cloud providers like IBM...IBM solutions make it really, really easy for us to hook the Texas Instruments hardware up to the Cloud and build an actual IoT application.

Trey German, Launchpad Application Manager, Texas Instruments

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According to Trey German, launchpad application manager at TI, today's companies aren't only seeking to integrate with the IoT, they're seeking to make those integrations and start gaining business insight from the IoT, fast.


"So with the IoT Foundation Service running on Bluemix, we can run things on like Node.js and Node-RED, Python—there’s a number of different of frameworks we can use," says German.


"And once we get that data into the Cloud using this IBM framework, we can then build an application on top of it that makes it really easy for customers and end-users to do stuff with this massive data that we’re collecting from the Internet of Things."

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