Business challenge

Leading investment firm XP Investimentos depends on SAP to power its business and deliver superior client service. How could the company move to the cloud securely and comply with regulatory requirements?


To maximize availability and safeguard sensitive data, XP Investimentos moved its on-premises SAP applications to the IBM Cloud, managed by experts from IBM Services.



to the cloud securely, and in compliance with industry regulations.


IT team to focus on strategic business priorities


business disruption with a rapid, smooth migration
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XP Investimentos

With over 2.3 million customers and 19 years’ market experience, XP Investimentos (external link) is one of the leading full-service investment firms and brokers in Brazil. The company has offices in over 180 cities worldwide and manages over R$ 438 billion of investments.

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To learn more about IBM Services for Managed SAP Applications, please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit: /services/sap/managed

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