Business challenge

To deliver services and meet demands with greater agility, Austrian Post sought a scalable cloud platform with European data center presence they could easily integrate with existing infrastructure.


Evaluating leading cloud solutions, IBM Premier Business Partner Pitagora Informationsmanagement GmbH found that the SoftLayer platform met Austrian Post’s performance and European hosting requirements, providing a flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure that scales as needed.


Faster deployment

of SoftLayer cloud servers compared with traditional infrastructure

Regulatory compliance

with a SoftLayer hosting solution that keeps all data in Europe

For new business demands

with flexible hybrid infrastructure and fast, easy-to-provision resources

Business challenge story

Seeking greater agility in the cloud

Austrian Post maintains a broad service portfolio, including digitization solutions to help enterprises transition from paper-based processes to electronic working environments. To more agilely accommodate customer requests for digitization projects and other business demands, the logistics leader sought a flexible, scalable cloud hosting platform.

Legally required to host its data in Europe, Austrian Post needed to team with a trusted cloud solution provider offering European data center presence. Additionally, the organization sought security-rich cloud technology designed to easily integrate with its traditional hosting infrastructure.

SoftLayer is the best platform to support our cloud strategy as an organization.

Gerald Gajdosik, Head of IT Operations, Austrian Post

Transformation story

Creating a hybrid SoftLayer environment

IBM Premier Business Partner Pitagora Informationsmanagement GmbH evaluated several leading cloud platforms for Austrian Post’s needs. “SoftLayer offers the best environment for hybrid cloud,” says Christian Koenig, technical specialist at Pitagora.

Plus, the SoftLayer platform offered a solution designed to keep data within European borders. After a successful proof of concept (POC), Pitagora provisioned bare metal server infrastructure in the SoftLayer data center in Frankfurt, Germany to host Austrian Post’s production workloads.

Results story

Gaining scalability to keep up with demand

With SoftLayer technology, Austrian Post created a high-performance hybrid cloud infrastructure designed to scale as business demands. “We have the hybrid environment needed to easily accommodate increased workloads with our choice of resources,” says Koenig.

Additionally, Austrian Post can provision SoftLayer infrastructure 80 percent faster than traditional data center resources. “We can deploy a server in the cloud in hours, but it takes days in our data center,” says Gajdosik.

Austrian Post anticipates continuing to expand its hybrid infrastructure with SoftLayer technology. “SoftLayer is the best platform to support our cloud strategy as an organization,” says Gajdosik.

Austrian Post

Headquartered in Vienna, Austrian Post is Austria’s leading logistics and postal services provider. In addition to mail transport and delivery, the organization offers business and communications services to customers throughout the nation and operates subsidiaries in 12 European markets.

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