Business Challenge

In the fast-moving cloud services market, providers must keep innovating to win customers and stay ahead of rivals. How could Dedagroup meet changing customer expectations while keeping costs low?


With a new cloud offering, based on SAP HANA and supported by IBM POWER8® servers, Dedagroup offers customers a winning combination of high performance and flexibility at a competitive price.



competitiveness with powerful and innovative cloud services


customer base growth by offering a cutting-edge platform at an attractive price


time-to-market for new services and solutions

Business Challenge Story

Keeping pace with changing requirements

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In just a few years, Dedagroup has become one of Italy’s biggest managed services providers (MSPs). To keep its business growing to new heights, it is crucial for Dedagroup to continue investing in leading technology solutions.

Simone Armari, Solution Architect and Presales Manager at Dedagroup, elaborates: “Our mission is to help our diverse client base—from startups to large companies—undertake digital transformations that help them run better businesses and stand out from competitors. We give customers the technology backbone that they need to drive their business forward, and to enable this, we need to keep innovating and stay current as trends and technology change.”

He continues: “Dedagroup has been offering SAP-based solutions for a number of years now. When we learnt about the in-memory database concept offered by SAP HANA we leapt at the opportunity to bring something new to our clients. By offering SAP HANA as a managed cloud service, we could give clients the best of both worlds—ultra-fast performance and seamless scalability without hefty up-front costs or ongoing maintenance effort.”

With SAP HANA running on IBM Power Systems, we offer a unique proposition to our clients that can really transform their businesses.

Simone Armari, Solution Architect and Presales Manager, Dedagroup

Transformation Story

Trusting in IBM and SAP

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Dedagroup’s next step was to find a rock-solid hardware backbone that could deliver the high performance and reliability it needed to support even the most demanding client workloads.

“We were looking for a solution that offered the industry-leading performance that clients demand, combined with the efficiency that would make it a commercially attractive option for Dedagroup,” explains Simone Armari. “Our immediate thought was to turn to IBM—as a long-established IBM Business Partner, we know exactly what their technology can do.”

The company found the answer in the IBM POWER8 platform, choosing three IBM Power® System S824L servers running SUSE Linux operating systems to serve as the backbone of its new SAP HANA environment.

Simone Armari continues: “IBM Power Systems ticks all the boxes for us as an MSP. We get enterprise-class performance, reliability and availability all in a single, easy-to-manage platform. We have certified our datacenters to offer SAP services and are proud to say that we are currently the only MSP in Italy that is officially certified to offer SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems technology.”

Results Story

Growing to new heights

Today, Dedagroup supports a variety of client workloads—both big and small—on the cloud-based IBM and SAP platform. The ultra-efficient design of IBM POWER8 servers allows the company to accommodate a high volume of client environments within a dense hardware footprint, giving it room to grow while keeping tight control over IT resources and operating costs.

“With IBM Power Systems, we can easily and rapidly scale up to accommodate even large SAP HANA databases, ensuring that we don’t get caught out by our clients’ data growth,” notes Simone Armari.

“And thanks to economies of scale delivered by the cloud, we can offer clients this flexibility, combined with enterprise-class performance and reliability, at a very accessible price. This makes our offering a very attractive proposition for small- and medium-sized companies in particular, many of which would be unable to afford the capital cost of deploying and managing a similar platform in-house.”

What’s more, with SAP HANA running on the latest POWER8 processor-based servers, Dedagroup can empower its clients with leading performance to help drive their businesses to greater heights of success.

Simone Armari says: “With SAP HANA running on IBM Power Systems, we offer a unique proposition to our clients that can really transform their businesses. We can give our clients fast, reliable IT performance around the clock, making it quicker and easier for them to launch next-generation applications and respond to customer demands. This ability has enabled us to grow our customer base by between 40 and 50 percent.”

By expanding its service portfolio with a winning combination of IBM Power Systems and SAP HANA technology, Dedagroup can meet customer demands for the latest and greatest IT solutions—helping the company stand out in a fiercely competitive industry.

Simone Armari concludes: “By continuing to invest in the latest technology from IBM and SAP, we are proving to our clients how committed we are to staying at the leading edge. We can ensure that their operations are supported by the best technology and expertise available—helping them run better businesses and helping Dedagroup maintain its reputation for innovation.”

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With a turnover of €230 million, 1,600 employees and more than 3,600 clients, Dedagroup is the 10th largest Italian-owned IT group. The firm supports enterprises, public organizations and credit institutions in their IT and digital strategies, with expertise in applications, technology and system integration. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Trento, the group has always experienced steady growth and currently operates branches across Italy and abroad—including Mexico, the US, France and the Middle East.

Solution Components

  • IBM Power Systems
  • IBM-SAP Alliance

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