Business Challenge story

Every March, Vasaloppet delivers a huge boost to the economy in the Dalarna region of Sweden when it stages a weeklong cross-country ski racing event. But it wanted to expand the business and increase its positive impact on the region by boosting the popularity of its summer cycling and running races and its off-season recreation opportunities.


The organization developed a new mobile app that provides athletes and spectators with a range of interactive features. Users can enter demographic and historical information to estimate their completion times, compare their off-season performance to real race results, or navigate to past results to assess the competition. Further, on race day, the app provides location-specific information about local amenities and real-time race updates.


Although it is too early to quantify the results, Vasaloppet expects the solution to increase tourism to the Dalarna region throughout the year and help boost the popularity of its cycling and running events. The solution also improves existing racers’ experience by giving them unprecedented access to comprehensive result information. Lastly, the solution helps increase awareness of the Vasaloppet brand, bringing a race that has its roots in the 16th century firmly into the 21st century.

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  • IBM MobileFirst
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    • GBS S&T: InterST001 Experience
    • IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation
    • M&E: Connected Customer