Business challenge

Using disparate security protocols spread throughout multiple applications, developers at Availity LLC spent more time than necessary creating security for each application.


Availity worked with IBM to install IBM® DataPower® Gateway devices, which serve as the first line of defense for inbound traffic by providing a centralized security solution.


35% reduction

in hours spent on security and connectivity development

35% decrease

in development costs through increased efficiency

Centralizes application security

infrastructure so that a single team can manage it

Business challenge story

Eliminating security silos

After acquiring several smaller companies, Availity sought a more centralized approach to application security. “Many of the technologies in the companies that we acquired had the security component in a silo, tightly coupled to the application,” says Jagadish Vemugunta, lead technical architect at Availity. “So our security practices were scattered across multiple applications.” Vemugunta wanted to centralize the company’s security practices to facilitate a consistent approach so that developers could focus more on business logic and less on security for each application.

We want to have developers concentrate on the business logic and move the security away from the application code.

Jagadish Vemugunta, Lead Technical Architect, Availity LLC

Transformation story

Centralizing security processes

To address his concerns, Vemugunta installed IBM® DataPower® Gateway devices. “The DataPower Gateway devices handle all inbound traffic and act as a first line of defense for our enterprise,” says Vemugunta. A single DataPower Gateway device can support multiple authentication schemes, including HTTP, cookie-based and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Web Token authentications. The devices also log Web application programming interface (API) activity so that Availity can examine transaction data and create reports.

Results story

Reducing staff workload and costs

A single, centralized group on Availity’s middleware team now handles application security using the DataPower Gateway devices. “Developers don’t need to know the intricacies of how the security works, so they can concentrate on writing the pure business logic,” says Vemugunta. Plus, the DataPower devices make it easy for the middleware group to create custom security connections. Because the devices simplify Availity’s process for establishing connectivity with vendors through their advanced transformation and routing capabilities, Vemugunta states that the company has reduced hours spent on developing security and connectivity by approximately 35 percent. As a result, the business has reduced development costs by 35 percent.


Availity LLC

Availity LLC integrates and manages clinical, administrative and financial data to fuel real-time coordination among providers, health plans and patients in a growing value-based care environment. Facilitating over seven million transactions daily, Availity provides accurate, timely and relevant information that is vital to customers’ financial success. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, in the US, the company employs more than 700 people nationwide.

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