IBM Analytics gave us the power to break the big stories first, driving greater fan engagement.

—Alexandra Willis,Head of Digital and Content,AELTC

Business Challenge story

To keep tennis fans engaged with its coverage of The Championships 2015, the AELTC wanted to use real-time match data to attract fans’ attention and encourage them to visit its digital platforms.


IBM built a solution that analyzes streams of match data, pushes notifications to the AELTC’s content team and instantly alerts them to newsworthy events, giving them a head start on creating content.


The content team was able to break news of records and milestones on social media in seconds, much faster than competing media channels – driving more traffic to and social platforms.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • GBS AD&I - ADM - AMS - Outsourcing
    • GBS AD&I - Application Development & Management
    • GBS AD&I - iX&M - Mobile
    • GBS AD&I - iX&M - Mobile - AMS SO/SI - Mobile
    • IBM Global Business Services
    • InfoSphere Streams
    • InfoSphere Streams
    • M&E: Connected Customer
    • SPSS Modeler
    • SPSS Modeler
    • Streams