With Aspera, we can now manage and control all processes centrally and automatically, resulting in much greater efficiencies. Files are now picked up from the archive and automatically transcoded into the requested format without delay. Thanks to the Aspera solution, we are able to seamlessly supply content to video-on-demand platforms worldwide

Markus Kreisel, Managing Director, WDRmg digital

Business Challenge story

As consumers continue to stream media at a record pace, content distributors are looking to media service providers like WDRmg to help them capture revenue from old and new content by preparing it for streaming services. WDRmg, one of the largest integrated media service providers in Germany, needed an efficient way to manage its complex workflows for processing content from multiple file formats for content digitizing, archiving and delivery, as well as marketing and advertising services. WDRmg sought a high-performance transfer and automation solution that could swiftly manage high-volume processing workflows while maintaining a high level of security, reliability, and ease of use.


WDRmg selected Aspera’s web-based automation platform, IBM® Aspera® Orchestrator, to streamline complex workflows and help ensure accuracy of each processing step throughout the pipeline. By placing Aspera Orchestrator at the center of its workflow management system, WDRmg was able to integrate an array of existing subsystems with highly efficient, predictable file processing and delivery pipelines to give it complete control and transparency of the process.

The addition of Aspera faspex provides WDRmg users with an intuitive, high-performance solution to collaborate, share and deliver large files company wide. Additionally, Aspera Console offers full transparency and accountability along the entire process chain with real-time notification, logging and reporting capabilities.


WDRmg can process and upload approximately 80 percent more video content to streaming platforms WDRmg reaches a wider audience by expanding its capacity to supply content to 15 leading video-on-demand platforms.

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