With the success we’ve been achieving, we believe we can get 80 percent of our patients under control by year end. Those are extraordinary results. We couldn’t have done this with our EMR alone. Phytel’s ability to help us identify and manage that population has definitely been a key to this rapid improvement.

Dennis Mamaril, M.D., project leader for Arch Health Partners,

Business Challenge story

To help improve the health of its hypertensive patients, Arch Health Partners initiated an eight-week population health management pilot using the Phytel platform to identify and engage patients with out-of-control hypertension.


Using the automation capabilities of Phytel’s population health management platform, Arch Health Partners was able to build a faster, easier, and more accurate patient registry that helped drive patient engagement and improve outcomes.


In-control hypertension population increased from 63 percent to 77 percent in six months; Medicare star rating increased to 4.5 stars; Medicare Patient Assessment Survey score jumped 8 percentage points to 90th percentile on question about whether patient receives reminders from physician’s office; and now have the ability to scale combination of outreach and quality improvement initiative across all primary care practices, specialties.

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