Business Challenge story

This leading Brazilian communications company offers voice, text and web to nearly 60 million customers and in the process generates about 2 billion call records per day. Manual list-generating processes performed by 30-plus marketing vendors created a nightmare of ineffective campaigns that didn’t offer customers the services specific to their needs and created contact fatigue that devalued the brand. The company needed a closed-loop process that would use customer behavior to generate targeted marketing campaigns that really worked.


Telefonica | Vivo is using call data, demographics and predictive modeling to reach out to customers and offer them only products and services that match their needs and lifestyles. Marketing teams and vendors use detailed segmentation and customized communications via text and email to anticipate what subscribers need and present it at just the right time. Not only are marketing teams given virtually instant feedback on 200 campaigns per month and their impact on sales, they can even make mid-campaign adjustments.


Increased by 30 percent the revenue generated from direct marketing efforts. Increased sales by five times on days that campaigns are launched. Increased by 70 percent the opt-in rate for customers who receive marketing messages through improved segmentation and targeting Reduced marketing campaign operating costs by 80 percent.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • Watson Customer Engagement
  • Solution Components

    • Marketing Platforms: Campaign Management
    • Marketing Platforms: Marketing Operations.
    • Marketing Software Managed Hosted Legacy