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VTV wanted to ensure that its weather reports were both engaging and easy for viewers to understand their broadcasts. They wanted to help their viewers plan their everyday lives and take the right precautions when storms or floods strike.


Working with TekCast, VTV introduced weather visualization software from The Weather Company—helping the broadcaster produce state-of-the-art graphics and instant weather updates.



public safety with near real-time alerts for severe weather conditions


weather broadcasters to create compelling, informative graphics


new viewers and advertisers to VTV’s weather reports

Business challenge story

Keeping viewers informed

Whether tempestuous winds threaten the shores of Phú Yên or a cool breeze is due to sweep through the central highlands of Tây Nguyên, Vietnamese citizens and prospective tourists need to know, so that they can adjust their plans accordingly.

In Vietnam, weather patterns can vary dramatically from region to region, which makes weather forecasting extremely challenging for VTV, Vietnam’s state broadcaster.

Mr. Nguyen Truong Thanh, Director of Weather and Disaster Broadcast Center of Vietnam Television explains: “Viewers across the nation tune in to our stations to receive daily and weekly weather forecasts. Many businesses rely on the information we provide to inform their decisions, and farmers use our reports to guide their crop and livestock management, so it is essential that our reports are as accurate, easy to understand, and engaging as possible.

“At VTV, we are always looking for ways to improve our weather reports and differentiate our weather coverage from other broadcasters. We wanted to expand our creative possibilities in terms of both aesthetics and data integration.

“In particular, we wanted to make it quicker and easier to develop and customize 3D graphics. We wanted to be able to update our graphics minutes before a broadcast, so that we could always give our viewers the latest, most accurate information.

“If we could improve our weather reports, we would be able to reach out to larger audiences, help citizens gain a greater understanding of the true impact weather patterns will have on their local region, and potentially increase our advertising revenues.”

The quality of the software is very high, and TekCast and The Weather Company have provided excellent support.

Mr. Thanh, Director of Weather and Disaster Broadcast Center, Vietnam Television

Transformation story

Breezing through capability transformation

Working with business partner TekCast, VTV upgraded its weather broadcasting capabilities with Max Weather, Max Studio, and Live:Wire from The Weather Company.

Mr. Thanh continues: “TekCast, the technology partner that we engaged for this project, introduced us to a suite of solutions from The Weather Company. We quickly realized that the software could provide a huge variety of creative capabilities for on-screen graphics, as well as integrating live weather data.”

VTV introduced Max Studio into its broadcasting center, integrated with data from the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF) as well as near real time weather data from Max Weather. Max Studio provides VTV with a complete toolkit for producing engaging and informative weather reports, while Live:Wire furnishes VTV with on-screen displays linked to automatic updates on severe weather events—helping the broadcaster keep the public up-to-date with important weather events.

Mr. Thanh says: “The quality of the software is very high, and whenever we have had any issues, TekCast and The Weather Company have responded immediately, providing excellent support.”

The Weather Company has helped us modernize the look and feel of our weather reports and build a platform that will support the evolution of our programming for years to come.

Mr. Thanh, Director of Weather and Disaster Broadcast Center, Vietnam Television

Real results with our broadcasting solutions

Clear skies ahead

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of weather broadcasting solutions from The Weather Company, VTV has modernized the presentation of its weather reports and improved the accuracy and timeliness of its broadcasts

Mr. Thanh explains: “Max Studio gives our production team access to a wide variety of high definition, two-dimensional and three-dimensional weather graphics, enabling our weather department to create varied, attractive and easy-to-understand graphics that make our weather reports really stand out.

“We now have access to near real-time data about weather events around the world, as well as integration with local weather data from NCHMF sources. This helps us to ensure that our weather reports are highly accurate and timely.

“If a new weather system develops, even minutes before we are scheduled to broadcast, we can easily adapt our graphics and information—enabling us to give viewers the latest news and help them keep themselves safe.”

In fact, with the Live:Wire solution, if meteorologists suddenly receive an alert about extreme weather on the horizon, VTV can issue warnings to its viewers immediately by overlaying weather graphics and information on top of the current broadcast.

Mr. Thanh concludes: “Because our reports are much more aesthetically pleasing, accurate and up to date, we are in a strong position to attract new viewers, which is good for ratings and attractive to potential sponsors. The Weather Company has helped us modernize the look and feel of our weather reports and build a platform that will support the evolution of our programming for years to come.”

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Established in 1970, VTV is Vietnam’s public service broadcaster and operates as a government agency. With a wide variety of channels and programming, the network provides 120,000 hours of free-to-air broadcasting and 15,000 hours of satellite broadcasting annually. VTV also offers a range of internet, mobile, and telephone packages throughout Vietnam.

About The Weather Company

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, delivers more than 25 billion personalized and actionable forecasts globally each day to millions of consumers and thousands of marketers and businesses. It accomplishes this through Weather’s API, its business solutions division, and digital products from The Weather Channel and Weather Underground. Its products include the world’s most downloaded weather app, a network of 250,000 personal weather stations, a top-20 US website, one of the world’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) data platforms, and industry-leading business solutions.

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