Working with IBM will allow us to jointly create new innovations that will enable smaller cities to break through and enhance their economic competitiveness.

Antonio Fernández, Regional Andalusia Director, Vodafone España S.A.U.

Business Challenge story

Attracting and harnessing the energy of innovation — especially in cities — is imperative for economic growth and development. Building the connected ecosystems required to jump-start digital innovation can mean major up-front costs, which is why smaller cities have had a harder time making the business case. Vodafone Spain sought to rewrite that formula by creating a new line of business offering smarter cities services to smaller cities.


Vodafone Spain created a low-cost, cloud-based service offering that empowers cities to gather real-time data from remote sensors, make efficient, fact-based decisions and engage citizens at a deeper and more personal level through mobile technology. By creating a repeatable, pay-as-you-go service model that cities can deploy incrementally, Vodafone Spain is helping lay the foundation for big-time efficiency and innovation in Spain’s smaller cities.


As a cloud-based infrastructure, the solution reduces the cost for small cities to implement connected-city programs by more than 90 percent as compared to traditional smarter cities programs. The fact that it’s configured as a repeatable managed service creates a new revenue stream for Vodafone Spain. More broadly, the solution promotes intensified digital innovation activity, leading to accelerated economic development and more efficient municipal services.

Solution Category

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Solution Components

    • IBM Cloud Pak System
    • IBM Z: IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12)
    • InfoSphere Information Server
    • Software Services for Cloud
    • zVM Tools