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Well known among healthcare payers, Virtusa Corporation sought to expand its brand presence and value among healthcare providers by collaborating with IBM on new, innovative go-to-market initiatives.


Through a unique agreement, Virtusa now exclusively supports and services clients that use IBM CareDiscovery® Quality Measures and IBM CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures solutions.


Drives renewals

for two leading IBM Performance Insights offerings

Creates opportunities to engage payers and providers

with Watson Health data analytics and benchmark solutions

Supports innovation

in healthcare and life sciences through a mutually beneficial partnership

Business challenge story

Connecting with healthcare providers

Changing regulations, patient demographics and expectations, and service models continue to drive industrywide disruption and evolution across the healthcare and life sciences ecosystems. Payers and providers in particular must quickly make the shift to value-based care, improving quality of care and patient outcomes while better controlling costs.

A global leader in digital innovation and transformation, Virtusa helps organizations do just that. The company draws on its deep industry expertise, proven methodologies and best practices, and best-in-class IT solutions to help clients successfully navigate the multiple forces at play and accelerate time to market.

Toward this end, Virtusa has built a long-standing relationship with IBM that originated as a development partnership with Truven Health Analytics®, now part of Watson Health. As Virtusa’s healthcare strategy has evolved, so has the opportunity to partner with Watson Health in various initiatives. “Once our relationship strengthened and successes were realized, our leadership teams looked for other avenues to grow the partnership,” says John Engerholm, Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Virtusa.

The company’s leaders decided to engage Watson Health to help broaden Virtusa’s presence in the healthcare provider marketplace. “Virtusa is well established in the payer market but still relatively early in developing our provider business. We felt a partnership with IBM was a powerful way to grow our provider presence,” explains Engerholm.

IBM’s strong marketplace presence, deep relationships and industry leading products complement Virtusa’s payer experience and expertise.

John Engerholm, Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Business Partner Virtusa Corporation

Transformation story

A multifaceted, client-centric approach

True to its core value of innovation, Virtusa forged a new path with Watson Health to reach its goals. To start, Virtusa became the only IBM Business Partner enabled to resell two Performance Insights solutions: the CareDiscovery Quality Measures offering, a core measure reporting tool to support Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance and reporting requirements, and the CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures offering, a single solution for meeting CMS and The Joint Commission electronic clinical quality measures reporting requirements. It also assumed responsibility of supporting and servicing healthcare providers and other IBM clients that use these solutions.

In a different initiative, Virtusa licensed additional Watson Health solutions for development of its own offerings, beginning with the Healthcare AnalyticsToAction platform. Delivered through a subscription-based, software as a service (SaaS) model, the Healthcare AnalyticsToAction platform supports value-based care by generating actionable insights that payers and providers can use to better understand their patients, elevate population-based program performance, and create new care management programs. The platform combines Virtusa-developed functionality with the IBM Flexible Analytics solution, which provides robust, off-the-shelf analytics, and the IBM MarketScan® Research Databases solution, which supplies integrated sets of patient-level data that can be mined for healthcare insights and patterns.

Engerholm says that although the expanded partnership is still young, the companies’ collaborations have been effective. “IBM’s strong marketplace presence, deep relationships and industry leading products complement Virtusa’s payer experience and expertise,” says Engerholm.

Our shared commitment to making the partnership work is without question. We would like to continue to expand our relationship across Watson Health offerings in a mutually beneficial fashion.

John Engerholm, Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Business Partner Virtusa Corporation

Results story

High renewal rates

As a result of expanding its Watson Health partnership, Virtusa has added key offerings to its solution portfolio. In addition, sales representatives proactively consult with each client to identify new ways to add value with Healthcare AnalyticsToAction and other services. “We have seen some traction around helping clients leverage Healthcare AnalyticsToAction and the MarketScan offerings to strengthen their analytic capabilities — conversations that were spurred on by CareDiscovery renewal discussions and in close collaboration with IBM,” comments Engerholm.

While Virtusa has expanded its footprint and credibility, IBM benefits by entrusting its clients to a reputable global IT service provider. IBM and Virtusa plan to continue evolving their unique, multidimensional relationship, complementing each other’s offerings and strengths to realize new ways to deliver valuable capabilities to clients. They are also exploring joint initiatives to empower a wider breadth of healthcare, life sciences and government organizations to adopt more data-driven, patient-centric approaches.

“Our shared commitment to making the partnership work is without question,” says Engerholm. “We would like to continue to expand our relationship across Watson Health offerings in a mutually beneficial fashion.” 

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