Blockchain is the technology that enables new business models a new way of working together with people or organizations who were competitors in the past and now can unlock significant value by working together.

Jon Kuiper, Chief Executive Officer, Vinturas

Business Challenge

Vinturas, a consortium of leading European automotive logistics service providers in Europe reduces supply chain costs for manufacturers while improving the car-buying experience for customers when it uses the IBM Blockchain Platform to enable end-to-end visibility in the finished vehicle supply chain.


In Europe, it’s increasingly common for people to custom order cars from manufacturers, and customers are coming to expect an Amazon-like tracking ability for their new cars. Vinturas used the IBM Blockchain Platform to develop a secure tracking ecosystem that securely stores a consolidated history of each vehicle on a distributed blockchain ledger as it moves along the chain. By making the finished vehicle supply chain more visible, the new blockchain solution is expected to unleash a cascade of benefits. Car buyers stand to gain a vast improvement in the quality of their purchasing journey. Car manufacturers are expected to reduce their costs by 10 percent or more as a result of improved supply chain transparency, and fleet owners will gain a huge leg up in their planning and fleet allocation processes.

Solution Category

  • Blockchain