Business challenge

Setting its sights on business growth, managed service provider Viewpointe aimed to deliver secure, cost-efficient information governance services to an even larger number of clients in the cloud.


Viewpointe deployed a super-scalable storage solution from IBM, which offers massive performance and flexibility to accommodate huge amounts of data, while keeping security tight and costs low.



business growth by enabling rapid onboarding of new clients


Viewpointe’s reputation as a trusted managed service provider


saving in storage costs sharpens Viewpointe’s competitive edge

Business challenge story

Explosive growth

For companies in the financial services industry, having sensitive information held securely at all times is a top priority. Managed service providers (MSPs) that serve these organizations need to meet strict data security standards, while being flexible enough to accommodate however much information their clients need to store in the cloud.

Having served financial corporations for years, Viewpointe understands these challenges well. In fact, its in-depth knowledge of the compliance challenges facing the financial sector has helped the company to consistently enlarge its customer base since its inception in 2000.

Viewpointe’s archive currently stores approximately 85 percent of all check images in the US, which amounts to many billions of image files, as well as over 3 PB of content. Viewpointe’s systems are accessed by tens of millions of users each day, as consumers retrieve check images through their banks’ online banking systems.

To keep costs under control as business growth takes off, Viewpointe needed an efficient way to scale out its systems while continuing to ensure the top-quality security on which the company prides itself. Sean Laurell, Chief Operating Officer at Viewpointe, explains: “Technology is absolutely key to the successful delivery of scalable, robust and secure offerings to our clients. To handle ever-mounting data volumes as our business grows, we needed a storage platform that could flex to meet our needs, without compromising on performance or reliability.”

With IBM Spectrum Scale, we can seamlessly provide clients with a set of tools that allows them to retain, manage, and govern their sensitive data.

Sean Laurell, Chief Operating Officer, Viewpointe

Transformation story

Ticking the right boxes

The company’s key requirements were around object immutability, encryption, and flexible scalability. Sean Laurell explains: “We started looking at a number of storage platforms and found that, while many of them supported object encryption, they were not able to scale out as rapidly as we needed them to. What’s more, many solutions did not offer the ability to quickly and transparently refresh our storage without impacting clients. After evaluating several offerings, it became apparent that IBM Spectrum Scale ticked all the right boxes in terms of scalability, performance, security and efficiency.”

IBM® Spectrum Scale™ is a software-defined storage solution that offers massive capacity, tremendous performance and seamless scalability. Its ability to flex to accommodate rapid data growth makes it particularly well-suited to organizations with demanding data requirements, such as high-performance computing centers and MSPs.

For Viewpointe, IBM Spectrum Scale enables reliable encryption and simplified management for the billions of files held in its repository. Once uploaded to the repository, objects become immutable, strengthening security and easing compliance for Viewpointe and its financial services clients. Clients enjoy rapid, uninterrupted access to their images, and peace of mind that their sensitive information is held securely.

Results Story

Unlocking major cost savings

Thanks to IBM Spectrum Scale, Viewpointe can onboard new clients fast and offer top-quality information governance services to a booming number of financial services institutions, spurring business growth.

At the same time, the company has sharpened its competitive edge by reducing overhead, as Sean Laurell comments: “Moving to IBM Spectrum Scale has enabled us to cut our storage costs by 25 percent. By passing these savings on to our clients in the form of lower fees without compromising on service quality, we can provide even more compelling business value to our client, helping us gain more market share.”

Viewpointe plans to expand its use of IBM Spectrum Scale across the business to unlock further efficiencies.

Sean Laurell continues: “Another advantage of choosing IBM Spectrum Scale is the ability to use additional storage protocols in a completely transparent way. Similarly, we are keen to explore the potential of hosting data lakes, where the ability to use the Hadoop connector in Spectrum Scale will be extremely useful. Thanks to the IBM solution, we can change the way we store and manage data as our business needs evolve, without having to convert our existing data or impacting our clients. This is particularly crucial as we deal with petabytes of data, and we simply can’t migrate it all each time a new storage paradigm emerges.”

He concludes: “This implementation puts us in good stead to realize an even brighter future as a trusted MSP. Thanks to IBM Spectrum Scale, we can deliver world-class services to a growing number of clients, winning their loyalty and growing our market share.”

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Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Viewpointe delivers cloud-based managed services that streamline the information lifecycle and automate business processes, focusing on compliance and information governance.

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