Through our ongoing partnership and engagement with IBM, we now enable artificial intelligence and machine learning, predicting the customer intent by mining unstructured data and correlations.

Damodaram "Damu" Bashyam, Vice President of IT, Verizon

Business Challenge story

How do you optimize millions of customer interactions to deliver a best in class experience? With digital disruption happening everywhere, customers' preferences and needs are rapidly evolving. Verizon is focused on what its customers expect — a simple, personal and reliable experience through every interaction, whenever, wherever, however its clients chose to interact with Verizon.


Verizon partnered with IBM to create its cognitive customer experience platform. This platform includes continuous ingestion of several data sources, high performance analytical micro-services and decision engines, with real-time scoring of customer interactions. The software stack includes Watson speech to text, Watson explorer, as well as IBM Watson Data Platform, with its use of IBM Streams, and open source components.


As the pace of the digital interactions accelerate, Verizon is well positioned to address the changing needs of customers and delivering next generation experience while being simple, personal and reliable.

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