Business challenge

After a divestiture from its parent company, Veritas Technologies  needed to rapidly migrate its custom-built support services laboratory to a dedicated cloud environment while minimizing downtime.


IBM Business Partner Skytap Inc. and IBM Cloud Professional Services performed the migration within a tight delivery timeframe, moving all workloads to an IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions environment.


Offered faster migration

than with other solutions proposed

Delivered in a tight timeframe

to meet a challenging deadline and avoid costly financial penalties

Provided a seamless shift

to the new platform with near zero downtime forVeritas users

Business challenge story

A tight deadline for a cloud migration

Veritas needed to quickly migrate business-critical IT resources to a new hosting infrastructure, including its custom-built laboratory environment for support services.

Tasked with moving approximately 3 Peteabytes of data, 10,000 virtual machines and 1,200 templates in less than six months, Veritas also had to maintain its standards for support service during the shift, keeping downtime to a minimum. The company issued a request for proposals (RFP), seeking a highly qualified cloud solution provider to perform a fast, seamless migration to a dedicated cloud environment.

For me, IBM Cloud was the only solution that made sense, because no other cloud provider offered the spectrum of the options that I could get with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

Payman Armin, Chief Information Security Officer, Veritas

Transformation story

A seamless shift on time

Reviewing proposals from leading providers, Veritas found that IBM Business Partner Skytap offered to deliver a highly rapid solution, proposing a migration with the IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions platform. Designed to help enterprises quickly and seamlessly move complex applications and workloads to IBM Cloud infrastructure, the Cloud for Skytap Solutions offering was an ideal fit for Veritas’ requirements. “Overall, we were offering a solution that would be faster than other options,” says Jon Schrader, Vice President (VP) of Customer Success for Skytap.

An IBM Cloud Professional Services team played a critical role in the engagement, building a detailed project plan to map out the migration effort, optimizing the network path between Veritas’s previous hosting infrastructure and the new IBM Cloud environment and developing automation for key validation tasks. Working together, Skytap and Cloud Professional Services performed the complete migration within Veritas’s tight delivery timeframe, moving the Veritas environment to dedicated IBM Cloud infrastructure hosted in Dallas, Texas.

Results story

Deployment in minutes and greater peace of mind

With the complex migration complete in 4 months, Veritas met its required relocation deadline, avoiding costly financial penalties. Plus, Skytap and IBM executed the move seamlessly, with near zero downtime for Veritas users.

Running on IBM Cloud infrastructure, the Cloud for Skytap Solutions offering provides Veritas with access to powerful, easy-to-deploy resources, helping accelerate support service delivery.

Finally, the Cloud for Skytap Solutions environment, which includes a comprehensive managed services layer delivered by Skytap, alleviates Veritas’s IT management burden and offers peace of mind.

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