Business challenge

To keep up with demand for cloud services, EVRY started to develop its own cloud infrastructure. Finding it a costly undertaking, the company sought a global cloud leader to help accelerate its transformation.


Engaged in a 10-year cloud services contract, IBM is helping EVRY consolidate its infrastructure in a private IBM Cloud environment and migrate customers to the platform.


Transforms service delivery

while avoiding the costs and complexities of developing its own cloud platform

Meets customer demands

across industries with wide-ranging cloud capabilities and expertise from IBM

Wins new opportunities

by teaming with IBM to expand global reach

Business challenge story

Facing increasing demand for cloud services

As a leading IT solution provider for businesses and public sector organizations throughout the Nordic region, EVRY encountered increasing customer demand for cloud infrastructure services. “There are huge changes influenced by consumer experiences, like having app stores on cell phones,” says Bjørnar Engebretsen, Chief Technology Officer at EVRY. “The development of the services that our customers bring to their customers is happening much faster, so we need to have agile hosting technology with the ability to scale up and down.”

EVRY started to invest in and develop its own cloud hosting infrastructure, but it quickly discovered that the endeavor was a complex and costly undertaking. “There’s a real race for functionality among cloud providers, and we would have had to keep up with that,” says Engebretsen. “The other part, of course, is the set of skills and competencies needed to maintain the platform. We decided that using a large, renowned partner was important in both of these areas.”

IBM is the only cloud service provider that can address our entire need.

Bjørnar Engebretsen, Chief Technology Officer, EVRY

Transformation story

Engaging IBM for cloud technology and expertise

After an in-depth evaluation of global cloud leaders, EVRY engaged IBM in a 10-year, USD 1 billion contract to serve as its premier cloud services provider. “We concluded that IBM would be the best partner for EVRY going forward, in terms of both the cloud technology and the expertise IBM has in helping customers move from traditional IT into the cloud,” says Geir Remman, Vice President of Corporate Communications for EVRY.

As part of the services agreement, IBM is helping EVRY simplify and consolidate its infrastructure in a private IBM Cloud hosting environment and working closely with the company to migrate customer workloads to the platform. “Together, IBM and EVRY have developed a methodology specifically built for the purpose of moving our customers to the cloud environment,” says Remman. “The key to success has been thorough planning between IBM and EVRY, then good coordination and communication with our customers.”

Additionally, the IBM Cloud hosting solution integrates IBM Cloud Brokerage Services, creating a unified service catalog for procuring cloud resources. With the self-service portal, EVRY customers can quickly and easily select cloud services to meet specific business or application requirements.

Results story

Shifting seamlessly to a cloud delivery model

By teaming with IBM, EVRY can seamlessly transition to a cloud delivery model while avoiding the costs and complexities involved in developing and maintaining its own cloud platform. “We can turn to IBM to deliver cloud technology as a service and instead of investing in everything ourselves, access the services through our partnership,” says Remman. “This is very important from a financial point of view.”

Providing migration, consolidation, hosting and brokerage services, IBM supports EVRY in meeting customer demands across industries, including financial services, healthcare, and the public sector. “Other cloud vendors are only cloud vendors—they don’t have the ability to fully meet our customers’ requirements,” says Engebretsen. “IBM is the only cloud service provider that can address our entire need.”

Finally, EVRY has bolstered its value proposition and expanded its business opportunities by teaming with a well-established global cloud provider. “We’ve signed several new agreements since this IBM partnership launched,” says Remman. “We’re continuing to be a strong local partner for customers while adding global reach with IBM. It’s a newly adjusted business model that is of real strategic importance to our customers and allows us to be even more competitive.”


About EVRY

Headquartered in Fornebu, Norway, EVRY is an IBM Business Partner and a leading IT solution provider for financial, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and municipal organizations across the Nordic region. With approximately 8,500 employees, presence in 50 Nordic locations and business operations worldwide, the company serves 10,000 customers and delivers IT services used by more than five million people each day.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix

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