Business challenge

Today’s consumers have a dizzying array of insurance providers to choose from. To prevent competitors tempting away its clients, a US insurer needed to adapt better to changes in the marketplace.


A US insurer brought new clarity and control to its application landscape with IBM Application Discovery, giving its developers the tools to innovate with greater freedom and lower risk than before.



risk by aligning application development planning with outcomes


corporate agility by enhancing the company’s ability to respond to change


competitiveness through application modernization and innovation

Business challenge story

Adapt or die

New providers are entering the insurance industry from unexpected quarters and customer expectations are rising. These factors are putting pressure on established players to fight to protect hard-won market share.

The Solutions Architect and Manager of Database and Application Development at a US insurance company explains: “When facing off against new competitors, we found that one aspect on which they often out-classed us was agility. With their leaner, less complex application landscapes, they could make changes and roll out new innovations faster than we could.”

First, the US insurer needed to tackle the opaque application landscape hosted by its IBM z Systems® platform. The spokesperson comments: “Over years of operation, we had built up a complicated network of legacy and newer applications, with patchy documentation and unknown interdependencies. Because of this, we were unable to predict how changes would affect the rest of our application environment, making development a risky process.”

With IBM Application Discovery, we now have the flexibility to respond faster when we recognize a new demand from our client base.

Solutions Architect and Manager of Database and Application Development, US Insurance Company

Transformation story

Reorienting for success

With the clock ticking, the US insurer looked for a rapid solution to its application challenges. The company found IBM Application Discovery, which it deployed in just two weeks.

“In implementing IBM Application Discovery, we gained new clarity and control over our application landscape,” said the solutions architect. “It provides automatic reporting and visual impact analysis for even our longest-serving applications, filling in the gaps left by incomplete documentation.”

Today, the company’s development, testing and management teams all use the solution to support the roll-out of new functionalities, products and services. The spokesperson comments: “IBM Application Discovery enables us to conduct change impact analysis and supports us in achieving application development deadlines.”

Results story

Ready for anything

The US insurer can now plan application development with much greater accuracy, helping to align outcomes with objectives. The spokesperson remarks: “With IBM Application Discovery, we dramatically reduce the risk involved in altering or modernizing our application landscape, since we can predict the impact of our actions before we give the green light. It also helps new developers coming into the company to get to grips with our legacy applications, without the need for specialist skills that are becoming increasingly hard to find.”

The company has succeeded in boosting corporate agility by removing barriers to innovation, putting it in a strong position to face future challenges.

The manager concludes: “We now have the flexibility to respond faster when we recognize a new demand from our client base. No longer held back by a rigid and impenetrable application landscape, we can be more adventurous about coming up with ideas for new products and services, helping us to stay ahead of the competitors snapping at our heels.”

US insurance company

Based in the US, this leading insurance company has over USD450 million in annual written premiums.

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  • Application Discovery and Application Delivery Intelligence

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