Business challenge

Michigan Medicine, academic medical center of the University of Michigan, needed an application programming interface (API) management solution that could securely consolidate APIs under one portal.


The IBM API Connect solution allowed the university to consolidate API listings within one portal. Further, IBM built a custom solution to help the university adhere to secure log-in requirements.


Provides one portal

for API listings, serving as a search engine for APIs and allowing universitywide access

Promotes collaboration

allowing researchers to combine data and developers to establish best practices and standards

Saves costs

and liberates data with one institutional solution for infrastructure and services

Business challenge story

Unifying IT groups

Michigan Medicine, academic medical center of the University of Michigan, had several IT groups that operated as separate silos without an efficient and secure way to share information. Without an effective means of communication, the medical school and hospital, which develops mobile applications for its customers, couldn’t easily find out what application programming interfaces (APIs) had already been developed. The campus IT group used another vendor’s API directory with minimal functionality. The university needed an API management solution that could centralize APIs with secure university-wide accessibility.

Ram Palkodaty, Michigan Medicine’s Technical Lead, Health Information Technology and Services, says: “We were headed down a path where we might have implemented three different API managers. This would have made it difficult for staff and researchers who need to use APIs from all three groups.”

With the API Connect solution, it’s no longer a discussion of should we do APIs but how.

Ram Palkodaty, Technical Lead, Health Information Technology and Services, University of Michigan

Transformation story

Storing APIs under one portal

The University of Michigan engaged with IBM Cloud Professional Services to implement an IBM API Connect solution. The university felt that Cloud Professional Services understood its requirements and had the technical expertise needed to implement a custom API management solution. Palkodaty shares: “Cloud Professional Services was instrumental in bringing these groups together, understanding their issues and addressing them during install, configuration and use.”

The solution allowed the client to consolidate APIs authored across the institution under one portal. Further, to address the university’s security concerns, Cloud Professional Services built a custom solution that handles login, logout and user activation flows, enabling the university to publish APIs that are accessible university-wide while adhering to security requirements.

Results story

Publishing APIs universitywide

The IBM API Connect solution has been a successful model for running a service across the University of Michigan. This solution creates a one-stop resource that helps researchers, staff and students combine data university-wide.

Further, having one API management system saves costs and changes the way IT works across the university. Among the benefits of the solution, Palkodaty cites a liberation of data, an easily navigable portal, a more efficient use of resources, and an improved ability to learn and provide analytics.

“With this solution, we now have the capability to truly drive change in the business and IT,” states Palkodaty, “It’s no longer a discussion of should we do APIs but how.”


University of Michigan

Founded in 1817, the University of Michigan is a public research university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The university, which includes a medical school and a research hospital, employs approximately 48,000 people.

Solution Components

  • API Connect
  • Educ: Innovation in Research
  • Educ: Technology Infrastructure
  • GTS IS Systems Services: (SO Custom) Smart Business Other Cloud Services

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