With the IBM Content Analytics solution we can potentially improve communication among our healthcare providers, and successfully complete patients' recommended treatment plans.

—Dr. Carlton Moore,Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine,UNC Health Care System

Business Challenge story

Hospital discharge instructions and results of abnormal cancer screening tests are often lost to follow-up because they are buried in free-text reports within electronic medical records (EMRs).


To address the issue, the UNC Health Care System designed an advanced care insights solution to analyze unstructured text for key terminology, extract relevant content and convert it into structured data for generating alerts and reports to physicians and patient care managers.


Avoids potential USD1.1 million in Medicare and Medicaid fines for hospital readmissions with timely communication of post-discharge treatment plans. Increases Medicare reimbursement rates with more accurate reporting of PQRS cancer screening measures. Improves preventive care by uncovering abnormal test results buried in clinical reports

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware