Business challenge

Envisioning an app that would engage fans in creating a dynamic music video and raise funds for a good cause, Planet Funk needed expert IT guidance and a powerful hosting solution.


IBM Premier Business Partner BlueIT S.p.A. provisioned IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure, providing the band with a scalable hosting platform to easily accommodate video uploads from fans worldwide.


Created an innovative video

by empowering fans around the world to participate in building a dynamic, collaborative piece

Raised funds

and awareness for Save the Children, a global nonprofit focused on children’s rights and welfare

Mobilized a young audience

and engaged a market segment that can be challenging to target effectively in fundraising efforts

Business challenge story

Envisioning a collaborative video project

To create a video for its “We People” single, Planet Funk came up with an innovative approach that would engage its global fan base in working for a good cause. The group wanted to develop a mobile device app that would allow users to record and add their own video clips to a continually growing compilation, building a dynamic music video for sharing across social media. By dedicating its efforts to nonprofit organization Save the Children, the band would raise funds and awareness for the charity.

Planet Funk had a clear vision for the app design, but to launch the offering for fans around the world, the group needed expert IT guidance and a high-performance hosting platform.

IBM Cloud infrastructure was essential to the project’s success. Only IBM Cloud could provide the scalable support for such an unpredictable amount of video in real time.

Paolo Mazza, Marketing and Innovation Director, BlueIT S.p.A.

Transformation story

Deploying scalable IBM Cloud infrastructure

Engaged by an IBM team in Italy, IBM Premier Business Partner BlueIT S.p.A. met with Planet Funk to discuss project requirements. “To build a video as a dynamic, collaborative piece, you can’t just call for contributions and edit the clip one time,” says Paolo Mazza, marketing and innovation director for BlueIT. “You have to open a window for managing an unknown volume of uploads and streaming requests from all over the world and editing in real time.”

BlueIT knew the project’s workloads required global hosting infrastructure that was both powerful and highly scalable for unpredictable demand. The Business Partner provisioned an IBM Cloud hosting environment, deploying bare metal servers in data centers in Milan, Italy, and in Paris, France. “With IBM Cloud, once we had project requirements in place, we were up and running very quickly,” says Mazza.

Results story

Engaging thousands of fans worldwide

When Planet Funk released its Hi5 app, thousands of fans worldwide participated in the project, giving “high fives” to the cameras on their mobile devices and recording short clips to add to the “We People” music video. By using technology and social media channels for the initiative, the band engaged an audience that can be elusive. “It’s not easy to reach young adults with traditional fundraising campaigns,” says Mazza. “This is quite an innovative and effective way to involve them.”

Hosting the app in an IBM Cloud environment meant that BlueIT could easily accommodate the workloads the launch generated. “IBM Cloud was essential to the project’s success,” says Mazza. “Only IBM Cloud infrastructure could provide the scalable support for such an unpredictable amount of video in real time.”


Planet Funk

Founded in 1999, Planet Funk is a 5-member Italian ensemble that writes and plays electronic dance music. In addition to performing throughout Europe, the band records albums in studios in England and Italy.

Solution components

  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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